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Happy New Year!

As per usual, Röbert and I were the absolute life of the the party last night.  Karen wanted it to be elegant and it really was lovely, with a small string ensemble playing classical music and passed hors d’ouevres, but I thought we should be a lil’ more lively than that!  So I put my iPhone in their Sonos system and we started dancing!  Such fun!  Of course everyone was staring at us the whole night, we have some great moves.  I am not sure why no one else joined in though.

We're doin' the Harlem Shake, if you couldn't tell!

We’re doin’ the Harlem Shake, if you couldn’t tell!

Apparently all of the children, who were having a pajama party upstairs with a magician and so many cupcakes, heard the change in tempo and came down to watch the fun.  Merlin gave an adorable demonstration of his Daddy dancing.

He was so funny.  He had us in stitches.

He was so funny. He had us in stitches.

Starling then did an imitation of me, which I found to be very mean spirited and actually cruel.  She was sent back upstairs, pronto!

I have a lil’ my grain this morning, so it is a lazy day in bed for me.