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Beautiful Dancer

One of the parts of school that Starling is enjoying the most is her drama club they created just for her.  And her favorite part of drama club is dancing and choreography.  My lil’ princess loves to dance!

She has been begging me to sign her up for dance class, but I just don’t have the time to drive her all over town for classes and such.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with my commitments without adding any more.  I need a lil’ “Me” time, especially right now.  I decided to surprise her with a dance photo shoot instead of the whole class thing.  The photographer was a little confused about why we were doing a dance photo shoot for a child who doesn’t actually take dance, so I had to give her a lil’ piece of my mind.  She shut her prayer hole and started snapping away after that.

I love this shot of her "practicing" in casual clothes.

I love this shot of her “practicing” in casual clothes.

Maybe if another family can drive her to every class and perhaps lend her some shoes etc. we can work it out.