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Big Meeting

Apparently someone at school (Margie) has been complaining that I am delegating all of my PTO work.  Of course I am.  That stuff is boring.  I was called by the school secretary yesterday and told to come to a meeting this morning with the PTO board and the school administrators.

I know that the most important thing about these meetings is to look put together, so I bought myself a darling suit.

Business lady ready to take care of business.

Business lady ready to take care of business.

Margie was looking surprisingly smug when I got there.  The principal asked if the charges were true and of course I said yes, that I am very good at delegating.  Then I asked if there was any problem with the quality or the timing of the work.  Apparently the only problem they had was with some of the fundraising stuff I had asked Margie to do, so I told her to drop it and I would ask that cute new family in the kindergarten to take care of it instead.  Problem solved.

I wasn’t even late for Cross Fit.