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That Snake

This morning, when I was getting home from my run, Karen was hanging around my mailbox in a suspicious manner.  “Hi, Lah Lee,” she called out and I was ignoring her perfectly when she asked, “How is your friend?”

I froze.  What if she had somehow figured out that Stefan and I had been misbehaving?  I mean, they were just innocent lil’ kisses, but what if she had seen us and misinterpreted them?  She would not be above going to Röbert.  That snake would love to see my happy marriage ruined.

“What friend?” I asked. “I have lots of friends.  Does your lil’ friend have any more court dates coming up?”  Then I walked inside.  As I was closing the door I heard her say, “Your tall friend.  You know, the pretty one.”

What the hell does that mean?  All of my friends are tall and pretty.

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Late this afternoon there was a knock at my front door and some muffled sobbing outside and you won’t even believe who showed up at my home!  Kathy!  She was looking for Röbert and she was crying buckets.

Apparently Stefan left her.  He told her he was in love with someone else, but wouldn’t tell her who.  He also said that the other person was not his reason for leaving her, that he didn’t love her anymore.  Wow!  That must have stung. LOL.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don't get to keep cute, rich husbands.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don’t get to keep cute, rich husbands.

She asked if she could stay overnight.  What could I say?  I was dying to hear the whole messy story.  I rushed her right up to the guest bedroom and brought her a cold glass of wine and ran her a bath.  I even brought out the nice guest towels and fluffy robe.  LOL.

Then I told her how I had always suspected that Stefan had a thing for her best friend, Claire.  LOL LOL LOL!  Had he been traveling abroad much lately, because I knew Claire had been working on some archaeological thing abroad?  Hahahaha!  Yes, it turns out that Stefan has been doing quite a bit of travel!  LOL a million times.

I left her and called up Le Petit Bistro for some food and gave the children a little mac and cheese and sent them up early.

When Röbert came home I was all solicitous care with Kathy and, of course, he was kind but wanted nothing more than to sit quietly and watch ESPN.  What man wants to listen to someone cry about their failed marriage?  I got her a tiny bit drunk and sent her up to bed.  I couldn’t wait to text Cari and have a good laugh!

Acting Like a G. D. Baby

Starling told me that Merlin has been getting teased at school because of how he dresses.  I think he should be the one doing the teasing because the rest of the boys wear stupid ugly sweat pants and dumb t-shirts.  I like my fellas to look like lil’ gentlemen.

Yesterday I was out shopping and I found a darling outfit that I just knew would be “cool” for school.  It even has skulls on the pants.  When Merlin came downstairs this morning he was sniffling and acting like a baby.  I told him to buck up and stop crying.  Honestly, he just wants attention all of the time!

Adorable! He looks great. And it is a very "cool" look. I am sure the other children will be kind.

Adorable! He looks great. And harem pants are a very “cool” look. I am sure the other children will be kind.

Date Night with my Guy

I have just not felt like myself this week.  I had a very upsetting conversation with Stefan last weekend and I have felt very jumpy and nervous all week.

I decided that the most important thing is for me to spend more quality time with Röbert, so I dropped the kiddos with my parents for the night and planned a fun little date night for us.  It was not a date night like I would prefer (shopping, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, more shopping…) but something that he seems to enjoy.  Not camping.  Not even for Röbert could I call camping a date.

When he got home from work I told him to change into some casual clothes and we would go out for some fun.  He seemed pretty surprised, but happy.  First we went bowling.  It wasn’t a gross bowling alley with leagues and all that.  It was more of a hipster establishment that I had heard Ty mention.  Röbert liked it but I don’t know how you get the ball not to go into those things on the side.  I got zero points.  It was boring.

Check mate!

Check mate!

Then we went to a sports pub for dinner.  It was all fried food so I ordered chicken wings with hot sauce on the side and dipped celery into my vodka for dinner.  Röb kept talking about some stupid game that was on a television, I think baseball?  Who knows.

We got home and I went into the bathroom and drew myself a nice bubble bath and lit some scented candles and got myself a nice big glass of wine.  I sat in there and cried until the water was cold then I poured more hot water in and cried some more.

Missing My Friend

I have been extrememly overwhelmed with setting up this event for the school faculty on Friday and I just wish Cari was here.  Last night I decided that Starling and I should try a lil’ camping on for size and see how it went.  Maybe next year we will be able to go to Burning Man too.  It has been going on for a few years, but it is just starting to catch on with the cooler crowd, and I know we would fit right in.

Starling had done a little camping trip with Röbert a few weeks back, but he says it did not go well, and neither one would talk about it.  I had Röb set up a tent and light a campfire in our yard for us and we went out to to cook our dinner in the wild.

We burned everything so it was romaine leaves for dinner, but that is our favorite meal anyway.

We burned everything so it was romaine leaves for dinner, but that is our favorite meal anyway.

After dinner we went over near the window and tried to read lips on the tv.  It was so frustrating not to know what was going on!  We were so bored by 7:30 we decided to go to bed, but when we saw the ugly sleeping bags we both burst into tears.

It was a school night anyway!  It was really the right thing to go back inside, where we had lovely air-conditioning and there were no bugs and were able to take a long luxurious shower.  I am going to look into the most luxurious way to experience camping out in the future.


Summer’s End

Only two more days until Starling and Merlin are back at school.  Thank goodness I have no kindergarteners this year, what with all of that staggered half-day start nonsense.  Throw them right into the proverbial pond and see who floats, is what I say.  I am hoping that Cari and I can at least do something about that this year.  Or before Hummus starts anyway.

The kids wanted a last day at the beach, so I was happy to bring them.  Hummus is still a bit banged up, but really seemed to believe in the healing power of salt water on his wounds.  He cried a lil’, but he will be fine in the end.  Röbby had to stay home to do the yard work and install a few light fixtures.  He just loves doing around the house.

After some PB&J’s for lunch, Hummus fell into another one of the epic naps he has been taking for the last few days.  I was able to get a sweet picture of Starling, Merlin and me without old bumbly-legs and his unsavory looking wounds.

I think it is fine to leave two big kids like this alone for just a second while I run over to the outlets.

I think it is fine to leave two big kids like this alone for just a second while I run over to the outlets.

We came home with three happy kids and 2 new purses, a wristlet and cashmere wrap sweater.  Another great family outing with Lah Lee and her lil’ darlings.

I wonder if I could get away with dropping them off to “help” their teachers for just an hour or two tomorrow?  It is worth a try!


Down on the Farm

When we got up this morning the children were begging to play in the lake, but I had other plans.  We are way out in the country, so it was high time for a lil’ excursion to a farm.  The closest pick your own place is just 45 minutes away, but we didn’t have a cell service and I don’t know how it is my fault that I can’t find a place without GPS.  The farm was just perfect when we finally got there, though.

The photographer I hired was a bit testy about being kept waiting, so we didn’t have time to pick any peaches.  I quickly spiffed the kids up and we had a lovely time being photographed in the orchards.

It was incredibly hot out, but we look so beautiful.  We are like a storybook family.

It was incredibly hot out, but we look so beautiful. We are like a storybook family.

We had to do another quick change into “cowboy” duds for a few shots in the hayloft too.  I loved some of those shots.

I don't know what it is about it, but I just love this picture!

I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love this picture!

The trip home took less than two hours but I was exhausted from all of the time I spent preparing and organizing this special day for my family.  A mommy’s work is never done though.  Starling was upset that she didn’t get to pick anything or pet the baby animals they had at the farm.  There just wasn’t any time!  She and I wandered over to a neighbor’s garden while they were out and picked all of their beautiful ripe tomatoes.  I am sure they would want a sweet lil’ girl like Starling to have some tomato water with dinner!

She did get to pick someting after all!

She did get to pick someting after all!

Wow, vacations are exhausting for us hard working mamas.  I have more fun up my sleeve for tomorrow too.