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Travel Team

Röbert is so excited that Merlin made the travel team in our local soccer league.  Of course he did!  He takes after me athletically.

There is only one travel team for his age group, and our local league is one of the best in the state, so I am expecting big things from these little guys.  Their coach is (of course) the ever-present Cliff Harris.  What the hell does that man do for a living that he is available for every single play, sports team and recital?  I know that Röbby would be a much better coach, but he hardly has the time!

The assistant coach this year is none other than Mr. Williams (Ty).  He played soccer in college, but he explained to me that he won’t be able to make all of the games and practices, because he dedicates so much time to his work.  The kids are all thrilled to see him there and he has some really fun drills for them.

Best buds

Best buds

I am putting Merlin on a special diet and training regimen so he can be the best on the team. I will be relieved to not have to listen to Margie brag about her lil’ monsters all of the time.