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Nice Try, Karen

Karen slipped another lil’ photo under my door this morning.  She obviously thinks that she can get under my skin by insinuating that my Mr. Perfect is fooling around on the side, because this is a more recent photo.  She of all people must know that Röbert would never do that!  She was infatuated with him for years, but obviously she is so old and fat and Röbert is fathful to his goddess, Lah Lee.

Cari looks like she might have had a lil' too much to drink at lunch!  Röb is practically carrying her. LOL.

Cari looks like she might have had a lil’ too much to drink at lunch! Röb is practically carrying her. LOL.

I know exactly what is going on in that picture!  Clearly Röbert is planning a special surprise for me (for Christmas maybe?) and he asked my bestie to come into the city to help him shop.  I just love Christmas!  I can not wait to see what these two have cooked up for me!

Gettin’ My Shop On

I have to admit that this week has been a bit of a disappointment with Starling.  All she wants to do is go to the pool with Amber, and when they get there they just sit at a table near the snack bar and talk about all the girls they don’t like.  How much is there even to say about Fat Alice in a bathing suit?  Hideous…done.  But apparently that topic is way more meaningful than quality time shopping with mean ol’ Mom.

This morning I had planned to take her to the city.  Röbert’s mother had agreed to take Hummus for the day tomorrow, so he wouldn’t get bored driving up to pick up Merlin (that was the fastest week ever!) and so I dropped him off a bit early this morning with her housekeeper while she was at the hairdresser.  I am sure she will be delighted with her little surprise!

When I got home, Starling was dressed but not cooperating at all.

Sullen little thing.

Sullen little thing.

I’ll admit that I lost my temper and raised my voice the tiniest bit with her.  She said she didn’t want to go.  Oh well, more credit cards for me!  I let her get in her swimsuit and dropped her off with Cari again.  Girls!

I had a wonderful morning shopping till I felt like dropping and now I am going to stop into a nice cocktail bar and have something refreshing before my spa treatments this afternoon. Both things I couldn’t have done with Starling in tow!  I want to be all sleek for the weekend.

I am not completely heartless.  I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

I am not completely heartless. I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

After we pick Merlin up tomorrow, Röbert has arrange for a house on a lake for the night.  It had better be nice, because I am missing a fourth of July black tie dinner with my book club.  I am so excited; a lil’ luxury lake excursion!

Weekend Getaway

It made absolutely no sense for me to stay home with the children all whining about lice over the weekend, so Röbert and I took time to have a little getaway  We went to a beautiful luxury hotel in the city and finally had time to just relax, read, shop and eat at some fantastic restaurants.  My mother always loves to spend time with the littles, so it was a win/win.

Where is the mini bar?

Where is the mini bar?

The best part is that my Mom ended up taking care of the lice (she said I had gotten her there under “false pretenses” LOL.  I know she loved it!) and I didn’t get any of the little buggies myself.  My hair looked fantastic this morning!

Lice free!

Lice free!