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New Year’s Eve

It took for ever for the the hospital to let me leaf today and I was just eager to get home to my littles.  Every single doctor who had even looked my way had to sign off that I was well enough to go home and I had to listen to so much none sense about what I can not do for a while.  No vodka, no looking at screams, even time ones like my phone, take it easy, lots of rest, no vodka and not even a sip of champagne tonight.  I am not a take it easy kind of gal. And it is new years eve.

Robert had surprise me buy shaving his beard off and he looks so handsome. I no that beards are very hip but I love Robert clean shaven so he did it to please me. Cute.

When we got home from the hospital the children had just finished cleaning up the downstairs for me and had made a big welcome home banner.

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

I thought they wood want to stay up late and cuddle with me, but they eight there dinner quietly and went right up to bed.  What perfect angels.

I can here Karens annual party starting up next door but I have ever thing I want right hear.  Robert and I will stay in and enjoy a roaring fire and talk about our plans for two thousand sixteen.

The happy couple

The happy couple

Maybe just a tiny sip of champs at midnight.

Lengthy Lunch

This morning, right after I dropped Hummus off at school, I got a phone call from Röbert’s friend, Stefan.  I didn’t even know he had my number!  He said he was back in town for a meeting and wanted to take me out for lunch. I had told him about an idea I have for a business on Saturday night, and he wanted to help me with it.

He took me out to a lovely restaurant and ordered champagne, my favorite.  I was flattered that he remembered how much I love expensive bubbly, since I so rarely have it.  We had a very long lunch, and he listened carefully to my ideas and gave me some thoughtful advice.  We could see the waiter kind of glaring at us (he needn’t have worried, he got a great tip) so Stefan suggested that we retire to the bar and have a little digestif.  I scooted to the bathroom and then called Cari to ask her to pick up the kiddos for me.  She is such a good friend.

When I got to the bar Stefan had found us a cozy booth and had ordered me a delicious snifter of cognac.  Expensive brands truly are better, and I love being spoiled that way.  I was already a little light headed from drinking most of the bottle of the champagne and not eating anything all day (I had just moved my lunch around the plate a bit).  Stefan had put his briefcase on one side of the booth, so I just slid right in next to him.

The bar at the restaurant was extremely elegant, and so is Stefan.

The bar at the restaurant was extremely elegant, and so is Stefan.

Stefan started telling me a little bit about his marriage to Kathy, and all is not well in their extremely large and well appointed home, gorgeous lake cottage and charming pied a terre.  I am a feminist and would never say anything against another woman, so I just listened.  I am a very good listener.  Poor Stefan.  Kathy is just as awful and shrewish as I suspected.  It seemed natural to hold his hand while he told me how unhappy his marriage is. I had another sip of cognac and then he ordered me some coffee with a naughty bit of Bailey’s in it to warm me up.  By this point I had heard from Röbert, who said he would be late home from work, and Cari who was feeding the kids for me.  Like I said, a fantastic friend.

It was dark by the time we left and I stumbled a bit on the steps so Stefan put his arm around me.  He asked his driver to bring my car home and he said he would take me home in his car.  He had somehow managed to drink a lot less than I did.

When we got back to the house I thanked him and leaned in to hug him goodbye and somehow we ended up kissing.  It was a pretty serious kiss.  I shocked myself because I haven’t kissed anyone except Röbert since we started dating.  Except, of course, a few men at parties or sometimes someone I met on a girls’ night out.  And of course my gal pals when we have a few drinks. I have certainly never kissed Röbert’s best friend before.  I was surprised that I didn’t mind it very much.  Stefan is very handsome and charming, with an accent I have always found very attractive.  He smells amazing.

After a few minutes Stefan walked me to the door and told me he would call me soon.  He likes my business ideas and thinks we should meet again to discuss them further.  Cari dropped the kids off and I made sure I was in bed before Röb got home.  I feel very confused.  I have certainly had men interested in me before, but never anyone I find so interesting.  It would kill Kathy if she ever found out that her husband kissed me. LOL.





Crazy Coincidence

This afternoon my mother decided to actually act like a grandmother and take her grandchildren to the park after school.  I just know she will enjoy spending time with my lil’ angles even though Merlin had that stomach thing overnight.  He was fine by this morning, he hadn’t thrown up since 6:30 AM, so I sent them off to school, shed a lil’ tear, and headed over to the gym.

After the gym I dropped Hummus off with Mom a few hours early (she was fine with it I am sure.  I dropped him in her kitchen, and called her on her cell phone to let her know he was there from my car.)  I had a long standing appointment for a “make-under” and a blow out at my salon, then I went and bought some cute hiking leggings and bra top at Marmot so I could go explore this wilderness area I had heard about.  I am sure you all know how much I just love, love, love the outdoors!

Well, it was a pretty primitive area, such fun, and I was able to hike around for a couple of hours before I ran into someone I knew.  I was so surprised!  Ty was there fishing on his boat.  I had no idea there even was fishing in this state park!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days.  We do have a lot in common!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days. We do have a lot in common!

The Cap’n invited me on board and like a good first mate I went up and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with him.

The funniest thing happened though.  When I offered him a lil’ sip from my canteen it was actually filled with vodka instead of water.  How do these things happen to me?  I was so embarrassed but we laughed and laughed every time we looked at the canteen.

I came home with a lil’ my grain so I let Röbert pick the kids up and put them to bed while I drank a glass of champagne in the bath.


Happy New Year!

As per usual, Röbert and I were the absolute life of the the party last night.  Karen wanted it to be elegant and it really was lovely, with a small string ensemble playing classical music and passed hors d’ouevres, but I thought we should be a lil’ more lively than that!  So I put my iPhone in their Sonos system and we started dancing!  Such fun!  Of course everyone was staring at us the whole night, we have some great moves.  I am not sure why no one else joined in though.

We're doin' the Harlem Shake, if you couldn't tell!

We’re doin’ the Harlem Shake, if you couldn’t tell!

Apparently all of the children, who were having a pajama party upstairs with a magician and so many cupcakes, heard the change in tempo and came down to watch the fun.  Merlin gave an adorable demonstration of his Daddy dancing.

He was so funny.  He had us in stitches.

He was so funny. He had us in stitches.

Starling then did an imitation of me, which I found to be very mean spirited and actually cruel.  She was sent back upstairs, pronto!

I have a lil’ my grain this morning, so it is a lazy day in bed for me.