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A New Friend

It has been lovely being friends with Karen once again.  Our back fence has a gate in it so we always used to be able to just run back and forth between our houses to borrow a cup of vodka or to  share some news, and we have fallen right back into our old ways.  With Röbert gone she has been coming by after the kiddos are in bed and we watch the educational channels on television together.

She has told me quite a bit about her dear friend Renata, and she desperately wanted us to meet, but Renata was hesitant.  For some reason Renata thought I had a problem with her and was stalking her last year.  A few unfortunate things did happen, but they were all Cari’s doing and I often begged Cari not to target poor Renata in that way.  I now see what a cruel bitch Cari is, but at the time she was just my friend and I did what I could to protect Renata from her.

This morning Renata agreed to meet with me.  Karen and I went to a new coffee shop in town where they also serve green juices (I got a delicious kale-tomato water-hot sauce cleansing one) and we spent the next hour just laughing our heads off.  Renata is in the middle of planning her wedding (to possibly the stupidest man on earth, but that is neither here nor there) and we looked through a few magazines at dresses and flowers.  Renata also had some observations about a mutual friend of ours, which I will share another time.  All in all it was a fun morning and we are planning a girl’s night out soon!

2:15:16 coffee

I have a feeling we will make quite a team!


Helicopter Over Paradise

This morning we brought some newfound friends on a wonderful helicopter tour.  It made me dizzy to look out the windows so I napped throughout the trip, but it was well worth the price, I am sure!

2:6:16 helicopter

Ready to go!

Karen and I tried to call Renata to get her to join us.  She couldn’t get away, but when Karen told her what I had discovered about Cari victimizing her she confessed on the phone that she always thought it was me.  LOL!  Why would I bother her?  She always seemed like a very sweet young woman to me.   I am so glad that I discovered what a bad person Cari is and ended our friendship!