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A Lil’ Last Minute Fun

I managed to get each of the children into a last minute mini-camp through the gym today.  Starling is doing one that involves swimming and bouncy castles and Merlin is doing a sciencey one (of course, so predictable).  For some reason the gym doesn’t even offer one for two year olds so I signed Hummus up for one for 9-12 year olds.  I told the teenager at drop off that he was mute and that we prefer the term “little person” but she didn’t seem to care anyway.

He is such a great little athlete, and there is nothing he enjoys more than climbing.  I was able to catch a quick picture of him scrambling up the rock face behind the gym before I headed into the city for a lil’ emergency shopping.

My lil' bighorn sheep

My lil’ bighorn sheep

I think they are going to do something a bit more challenging this afternoon.  I am sure it will turn out fine.


Trip Planning

I have to confess that I had not been looking forward to having Merlin home this week, and I even tried to find a camp that would take him for the rest of the summer.  It is not that I don’t just adore that kid, but he is very chatty, constantly going on and on about who knows what, and I am so busy this week, getting ready for our vacation next week.  Incredibly enough, Merlin has been a complete delight since he got home though, entertaining his siblings for hours so that I can get everything done.

He taught Starling some silly game he learned at camp and they have been out back laughing away all morning.  Look at how much fun Starling is having!

He taught Starling some silly game he learned at camp and they have been out back laughing away all morning. Look at how much fun Starling is having!

I have been trying to plan for all of our photo ops during the trip, because everyone knows that if you don’t take lots of pictures, it doesn’t count.  Röbby still hasn’t given me the exact deets on where we are going.  He says he wants to surprise me.  Urgh, i hate surprises.  He did say that picture of the ramshackle cabin was a joke, and he did do a lovely job with the overnight trip to the lake, so I guess I will trust him.  LOL.


Happy Independence Day!

We got up bright and early this morning and dropped off Hummus with his Grandmama for the day.  I had left him there yesterday, but I guess she didn’t understand that she was supposed to keep him, because her housekeeper was waiting with him in my house when I got home yesterday afternoon and she didn’t seem at all pleased with me.  Ugh.  Why is Röbert’s mom such a pill?  Anywho, she was so insistent on a specific pick up time today and I was really surprised that Röbby said late afternoon.  The camp is a bit of a drive but late afternoon?  It turns out that there is a tournament at the end of camp!!!!  Horrible!  I was expected to sit through several games of soccer and an awards ceremony?!?!

I can’t even begin to describe how tedious it was.  Some of the parents seemed to think we were all there to make friends and this one man had a mustache and was wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt.  I died.

The awards ceremony was very cheering though.  Lots and lots of awards for my lil’ angle!  He got some dumb ones of course “Kindest Kid” and “Most Spirited”  (I’ll say he is spirited!) but then he won the overall award for best player in camp so the mustache guy and his troll wife can suck it.

We drove back to Grandmama’s to pick up Hummus and were heading out to the lake but I had forgotten Starling’s outfit for tonight at home.  Röbert kept insisting that we couldn’t go home, but I needed that outfit, so I cried until he brought me back to get it.

Guess who is having her lil’ Fourth of July party again this year, despite being humiliated and fat and single and having not a friend in the world?  Karen.  I guess she waited until I was out of town having a fab overnight at a gorgeous lake house with my hot husband to bribe a few other pathetic people to come over and eat her food.  Whatever.

The lake is very upscale for a lake and the house is darling.  Small, but Röbby did well.

And Starling looks so cute in her lil’ outfit that I am sure Röbert agrees that the detour home was well worth it!

Ahoy mateys!  Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

Ahoy mateys! Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

I don’t care at all about Karen’s stupid party but I would love to know who is there and what is happening.  Not that it isn’t obviously completely pathetic, but still.  Also, since it is right next door, I feel like I should have been invited or at least informed.  Not that I care at all.  I wonder who she even found who would come to her awful, grim party?  I couldn’t care less.


He May Actually Become Popular

Yesterday I was stuck in the car all day driving Merlin up to his soccer camp.  Don’t camps have busses that conveniently pick campers up anymore?  Has anyone even seen Meatballs?

Normally, Röbert would do the driving, but he had a long-planned hiking excursion up to the mountains and apparently Uber is too expensive for long distance travel.  I did find a Greyhound bus that would take him close to the camp, but Röbert thought he might get lost walking the last five miles, especially since he had never been there before.  He might have a point, but I didn’t want to waste a whole day!

I did anticipate Merlin’s incessant chatter and downloaded a Harry Potter audio book for him on an old iPod.  A couple of earbuds later I could chit chat and text with my gal pals on the phone without disturbance.

When we got there, they had all the boys put on their new uniforms and go out and play.  At first, I didn’t want to stay, but there was another mom there with amazing shoes who I wanted to get to know so I hung out with her a bit.  She kept commenting on one fantastic player and when I looked up it was Merlin!

I am shocked by how he doesn't look completely nerdy when he is in a uniform.

I am shocked by how he doesn’t look completely nerdy when he is in a uniform.

On the way home I tried to listen to a podcast about soccer but nope, too boring.  I listened to a new book I had heard about called Grey instead.  I generally only read literary classics and important non-fiction, but this book is so well written and thought provoking.

Anywho, this week is all about me and Starling and finding a place to drop off Hummus for the day.  I am so looking forward to it!


Final Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I just found out that it is a half day!  I have so much to get done before I experience the joy of being surrounded by my children all day everyday.  I asked everyone I know if they could watch my angles tomorrow afternoon, and no one can.  It seems that lots of families take their children out for special events after the last day of school.  Anywho, I am thinking of just packing a lunch for the kids, dropping Hummus at the gym and turning off my phone for the afternoon.  It is an old trick, but it is pretty effective.  The teachers love having a lil’ one on one time with Starling and I am sure Merlin can make himself useful.

Merlin was bugging me before school about some ceremony at school today.  I have no idea. Starling said it wasn’t important and only the moms of the real doofuses show up, so I am skipping it and getting a nice deep massage instead.  Then maybe a mani-pedi or something.

Merlin did comb his hair for the penultimate day.  It is strange how he loves school!

Merlin did comb his hair for the penultimate day. It is strange how he loves school!

We had some exciting news regarding Merlin.  I received notice from his teacher, Ty, that he qualified for some conference for the nerds in the state capitol.  It is a five day camp thing, and it is free.  He is also going to a soccer camp with some soccer team that Ty found for him.  Also free.  This loosens up money I won’t have to spend on him for 2 weeks this summer, so Starling can got to several weeks of art camp and horse camp with Amber.  It also makes our budget for our vacation even grander, I think.  I showed Röbert the poll last night and he said that even those modest homes might be too pricey and that he was working on something for us.  I reminded him that my blog readers want me to go to a beautiful white sand beach, and not one in New Jersey, and definitely no camping.  I think he is going to surprise me!

Off to the gym!