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Kudos to Me

This morning we held a lil’ pow wow to rehash what went well and where we needed to improve on our planning for next year’s gala.  For the most part we all agreed that it was a pretty epic party.  But there were a few things we need to work on.

1.  Some people were dressed terribly!  Margie and that woman with the weird hair both came in capri pants.  Does that sound festive?  Some of the men wore jeans.  Even Ty, who was on the committee, showed up in khakis and a madras shirt.  Next year we need to hire security to kick underdressed people out.

2. The VIP area definitely needs to be addressed.  Weird kids kept trying to sit up there.  Again, security needs to be a priority.

3. More photographers!

4. The food was totally fab, but I didn’t like the idea of paper napkins and plates at a gala.  I was scared something might happen to my dress, which I had tucked the tags in on so I could return it today.  Luckily it was fine, because Röbert would have blown a gasket if we had to actually pay for it.

Everything else was perfection.  I even received a standing ovation when I arrived at our brunch meeting! LOL

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil' embarrassing.  But it was a good party.

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil’ embarrassing. But it was a good party.



A Lil’ Heart to Heart

This morning my parents took the children to church with them which gave Röbert and me a chance to spend some alone time together.  We decided to have a nice brunch, but Röb completely ruined it by talking about money again.  Why does he always ruin our happy times by talking about stupid money?

Apparently we aren’t rich, which is a surprise to exactly no one.  He wants me to cut back a little bit, but where can I cut back?  Starling and I don’t eat anything and I barely buy any shoes and clothes anymore.  He said something about my gym membership and charges to the cafe there and I got a splitting my grain!  My gym membership?  He had better be joking!

I mentioned how I needed a some me time, what with him spending so much time away from home last winter and he looked like he might have a lil’ my grain too.  Would that be a him grain? Remind me to look it up.  He got kind of quiet then, and said that he was no longer spending that time away from our family and he would like to explore whether he and I could eventually get our exercise in the great outdoors, together.  I said sure.  I mean, I know I can’t give up the gym, but I can pretend to try.

He is so handsome and kind.  I have a hard time saying no to him!

He is so handsome and kind. I have a hard time saying no to him!

We had several glasses of champagne and by the end of the meal I think I may have agreed to go camping.  I know I will hate camping.  Ugh.  What have I done?

A Day of Dates

Yesterday morning I packed the little ones off to their grandparents for the day (they were pleasantly surprised when they found their grandkiddos waiting for them in front of the television once they woke up, I am sure!) and had a day alone with my hubby.  He isn’t crazy about dressing up or brunch, but I just knew he would enjoy getting dressed up to go to brunch at the new restaurant in town.

My handsome guy!

My handsome guy!

Later in the day he was watching football and I told him that I had a surprise for him!  Tickets to the ballet.  He protested a little but I am sure once we got there he really loved it.

We make a lovely couple.

We make a lovely couple.

Now all the haters who asked where Röbert has been can shut their pie holes.  Clearly he is deeply in love with me and not off gallivanting around, and I am not pursuing Mr. Wozinski, who looks like a a hobbit.  Sheesh.