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Date Night with my Guy

I have just not felt like myself this week.  I had a very upsetting conversation with Stefan last weekend and I have felt very jumpy and nervous all week.

I decided that the most important thing is for me to spend more quality time with Röbert, so I dropped the kiddos with my parents for the night and planned a fun little date night for us.  It was not a date night like I would prefer (shopping, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, more shopping…) but something that he seems to enjoy.  Not camping.  Not even for Röbert could I call camping a date.

When he got home from work I told him to change into some casual clothes and we would go out for some fun.  He seemed pretty surprised, but happy.  First we went bowling.  It wasn’t a gross bowling alley with leagues and all that.  It was more of a hipster establishment that I had heard Ty mention.  Röbert liked it but I don’t know how you get the ball not to go into those things on the side.  I got zero points.  It was boring.

Check mate!

Check mate!

Then we went to a sports pub for dinner.  It was all fried food so I ordered chicken wings with hot sauce on the side and dipped celery into my vodka for dinner.  Röb kept talking about some stupid game that was on a television, I think baseball?  Who knows.

We got home and I went into the bathroom and drew myself a nice bubble bath and lit some scented candles and got myself a nice big glass of wine.  I sat in there and cried until the water was cold then I poured more hot water in and cried some more.