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Lazy Summer Days Ahead

The last day at my children’s school is Tuesday, June 16.  Doesn’t that seem kind of early to everyone?  I just love, love, love spending time with my littles, but summer is a LOT of time with them, and I am just so busy.  I always end up running myself ragged trying to stitch together people to watch them so I can get to the gym and to my book club and to all my other important stuff.  Now that Karen is unavailable, I might really be in trouble.

Does anyone have year round school where they live?  Because that sounds absolutely fantastic to me. Maybe Cari could run for the school board in the next election so we could get us some year round school around here.

And speaking of book clubs, do you all have one of “those” members in your little group who always chooses some kind of “deep” read when it is their turn to choose the book?  Tiara seems like a nice enough person, but our book for June is the worst.  It is a crazy long one about a ship sinking approximately forever ago.  Who cares?  Didn’t Sopihie Kinsella write a book recently?  Anywho, I will not be reading that one.  Boring.  We might have to extinguish Tiara’s torch at the next tribal council.

So, in anticipation of all of the summer good times, Cari and I went to the beach this morning and took a couple of casual photos as we sunbathed on the beach.  No selfie-stick required, because “James” was kind enough to send a photographer with us.

This photo is cute.  It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin' out.

This photo is cute. It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin’ out.

Kiddos in bed, wine in tumbler.


I was looking through Röbert’s closet to see if he had ended up with my my yoga pants in there by mistake and, in a box way in the back, I found a long blonde wig.  Funnn!  He must have put it there to surprise me sometime.  It looks so cute on me.  I can’t wait to wear it to book club.

Who is that hot blonde, hmmm?

Who is that hot blonde, hmmm?

My mom had Hummus over at her house for a couple of days last week while I was busy here.  I missed my lil’ buddy!  She bought him a toy that spits out little balls and then picks them up again.  He loves it, but it is kind of plastic and cheap looking, and I prefer wooden toys in my house.  It is so like a vacuum in theory that I think I will just let him play with my Dyson and kill two birds with one stone.  How great to have my baby take over my least favorite chore!  Now that Merlin does all of the ironing and dishes and laundry, it only seems fair that Hummus should pick up a job or two, right?

My baby is getting so big!

My baby is getting so big!

The school kept calling me last week and when I went in to run the event in Merlin’s room they cornered me and told me that Starling was suspended again for bullying.  I think they are bullying her at this point.  Ironically I think the Wozinski’s next door have started home schooling Stella and Izzy because they were being bullied. Maybe they could teach Starling for me too!  I love the idea of having her home with me but the idea of teaching her math is just so ugh!

She's an angle, not a bully.

She’s an angle, not a bully.


Good News

This afternoon we had an event that made everyone happy!  Beefeater came over to play with Merlin.  I guess I really did cure Beefeater of his blood lust because he played fetch for 20 minutes and seemed like the same happy dog we used to know.  Karen is keeping close track of him now and only letting him out for short periods until he readjusts.  Apparently someone told everyone else on the street about his vicious nature because everyone else called their children in when he came out.  I guess, once again, I will be the better person and set an example for others by allowing my child to play with him.  Not Starling of course, because just imagine if he bit her beautiful face!

Beefeater seems to be better.

Beefeater seems to be better.

After dinner I let the children all pile into the bed in the guest room and watch Frozen again while I had book group downstairs.  Röbert will be home late but we have big plans for a fun fall weekend.  Now I want a lil’ more vino.

They are lil' angles.

They are lil’ angles.