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My Beloved Beefy

Karen and I didn’t get home until late on Saturday, so I couldn’t pick the kids up right away, but I was able to get Beefeater from the neighbors I left him with.  I was so happy to see my Golden Guy.  And of course, Beefeater loves me more than anyone! This morning I got a text from Röbert asking when he could come by to get his dog.  His dog?  Never!

I let him know that he can pick the children up from school tomorrow, since he will not be a weekend Daddy, but the dog is mine.

2:15:16 beefy

It would break the poor critter’s heart to be removed from my loving care.

Next thing you know Röbert will be making further unreasonable demands.  The time is right for me to put my foot down.  Which is why I have a lawyer dropping by his office this afternoon with a few lil’ things for him to sign.

Great Idea

I had this great idea after watching Merlin yank Hummus around in the snow today.  Hummus was all bundled up in his lil’ drag behind sled and Merlin was pulling him all over the place and then tried to get Beefy to pull him around too.

1:18:16 Hummus

They couldn’t stop laughing!

Maybe I could get Beefeater to pull my wheelchair around for me and be a service dog.  That would be so adorable and I would be the toast of the town and could probably end up famous for my amazing invention!  But when I looked up how to get a dog designated as a service dog it seems like a lot of work.  I think I will just buy a service dog patch on Etsy and get to work on a cute lil’ harness set-up.  I think jingle bells would be sweet and attract the kind of notice I am looking for.

TBT Yearbook Photo

We had Amber over to play after school yesterday and she brought her Mummy’s high school yearbook.  LOL!

Cari looks like she might have had some work done since she graduated in 1991.  LOL!  Is she  turning 43 this year?  LOL LOL!

Hottie, ready to party!

Hottie, ready to party!

TBT One Year Ago

It was just one year ago that I was savagely attacked by Beefeater.

Beefeater was driven to viciousness by his hatred for Karen.

Beefeater was driven to viciousness by his hatred for Karen.

I can’t believe that he was so unhappy, living with that terrible snake, Karen, that he tried to attack me.  Now when he sees Karen he cowers and growls.  Poor Beefy.  It is almost as if someone fat who looked like Karen was hurting him at night or something.  But no one here is fat and Karen wouldn’t dare come to our house.

I have seen Karen tear up when she sees Beefy so scared of her. LOL.  She should have been better to him when she had the chance.

From vicious beast to award winning champ.  Who is a responsible dog owner now, Karen?

From vicious beast to award winning champ. Who is a responsible dog owner now, Karen?

Dog Training

Beefeater just might the smartest boy in my house.  He knew enough to run away from Karen (over and over again) and he took to agility courses like a teenaged girl to an eating disorder.

Merlin has several science fair projects he is working on, and one involves Beefeater.  He told me he was going to teach Beefy to “speak”.  I was pretty excited because, just imagine; I could send the dog out to observe our neighbors and report back.  It turns out that he is just trying to get Beefeater to touch different computer things with his nose when he wants to go out or eat or something.  Apparently it would be helpful for me to watch him do this all day long.  I am busy!  Hummus goes to school now and I have to meet with the PTO and book club and Pilates won’t be much without me there.

Merlin sure loves that dog.

Merlin sure loves that dog.

Instead of me working with Beefeater all week, Merlin has been working with him on the weekends and after school.  Merlin is also growing some kind of aquatic parasite in the basement.  He had better win something good for all of the inconvenience this is causing me.

Is This a Made Up Holiday?

Does it seem to anyone else that Facebook makes up holidays?  I am perusing my facebook feed, trying to spot weight gain and bad eyebrows when all of a sudden I see a million “Happy Spit Watermelon Seeds Day” and I have never heard of such a thing before, but everyone else has pictures of themselves spitting watermelon seeds and having oh so much fun.

So,  yesterday, or today, who knows, is suddenly dog day?  Like post a picture of your dog?  That is definitely made up, right?




...to fabulous

…to fabulous

And I think with that, I win the doggy day thingy.

Happy Memories

The past week has been just such a blissful family centered whirlwind of fun.  As much as I do love the beach, the lake house turned out to be absolutely perfect for my little family this year.  We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and just really unplugged for 7 wonderful days.  Also, since it had wifi and a complete FIOS package, I didn’t miss a single minute of NOVA or other highbrow documentary type shows.  The tv also got left on some network by mistake one night, or maybe two and I saw something called Bachelor in Paradise.  Disgusting!  I can’t imagine why people watch this kind of trash!

Last night was our final one at the lake.  Röbert took the children out for a canoe trip/treasure hunt he had made up.  They had to find things like “the tallest tree” or “the rock that looks like a bear”.  Ridiculous, but it kept them all entertained for a bit.  We had a campfire when they got back and Röbert had, in fact, bought hot dogs.  Who eats hot dogs?  I guess my kiddos did last night, along with corn on the cob and a potato salad.  It was like a nightmare dinner, and I couldn’t watch them eat it without feeling like I was going to throw up, so I went inside and watched Dateline, which is also kind of trashy, but better than potato salad.

I told them not to give any to poor Beefeater.  I have him on a vegan diet right now and who knows what those nasty things would do to his system!

I told them not to give any to poor Beefeater. I have him on a vegan diet right now and who knows what those nasty things would do to his system!

I could hear them out there, laughing and singing until late, then Röbert, of course, got them all wound up with a scary story.  I don’t know what he was thinking.  He had to get up all night to settle them down.

Anywho, I am exhausted now, and need a vacay from my vacay!  I think I will maybe meet up with Cari and Krystyn tonight for some civilized cocktails at a new fancy lounge that opened up downtown.