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Date Night with my Guy

I have just not felt like myself this week.  I had a very upsetting conversation with Stefan last weekend and I have felt very jumpy and nervous all week.

I decided that the most important thing is for me to spend more quality time with Röbert, so I dropped the kiddos with my parents for the night and planned a fun little date night for us.  It was not a date night like I would prefer (shopping, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, more shopping…) but something that he seems to enjoy.  Not camping.  Not even for Röbert could I call camping a date.

When he got home from work I told him to change into some casual clothes and we would go out for some fun.  He seemed pretty surprised, but happy.  First we went bowling.  It wasn’t a gross bowling alley with leagues and all that.  It was more of a hipster establishment that I had heard Ty mention.  Röbert liked it but I don’t know how you get the ball not to go into those things on the side.  I got zero points.  It was boring.

Check mate!

Check mate!

Then we went to a sports pub for dinner.  It was all fried food so I ordered chicken wings with hot sauce on the side and dipped celery into my vodka for dinner.  Röb kept talking about some stupid game that was on a television, I think baseball?  Who knows.

We got home and I went into the bathroom and drew myself a nice bubble bath and lit some scented candles and got myself a nice big glass of wine.  I sat in there and cried until the water was cold then I poured more hot water in and cried some more.

Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day it is important to remember the real meaning of the holiday; grilling, parades, America and the beach.  We are doing a little of all of that at my house!

This morning we went into town to watch our local Memorial Day parade.  Well three people watched the parade while two of us marched in it.

First came Merlin with his baseball team.  I wish they had nicer uniforms.  I need to get on that if he plays again next year.  He may be on the travel soccer team by then.

They weren't going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in.  Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

They weren’t going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in. Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

Since I had to be at the parade anyway, I thought it would be fun to march in it.  I approached the staff at my gym about doing a lil’ promotion and they decided I was perfect advertising for them.  I wore a tiara and a sash that said “Ms. Bikini Bod 2015”  I passed out flyers for the gym as I walked along the street, and when I got tired of that I saw Margie sitting along the parade route, and gave her the rest to hand out.  She dropped the ball on the gala, she needs to help out somewhere!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

After the parade I sent Röbert over to the beach with the kiddos for some fun in the sun.  I simply have too much going on with the gala and a very special event on Wednesday to join them, plus it is a public beach.  Ick.

We usually go to a big party at the Sullivans for Memorial Day but we didn’t receive an invitation this year.  I really don’t think it is happening, so I have invited all of our friends and neighbors over here later.  Röbert will grill for everyone and I had a caterer whip up some salads and sides.  It should be fun.  I hope we don’t keep Karen up too late.  I think Mitch might stop by with the boys, who are home from school and staying with Karen until their internships start up.  Such nice kids, despite their upbringing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Lil’ Slugger

Several of my friends have mentioned that Merlin is a good baseball player so I decided to go watch him this afternoon.  Did you know that they have to hit the ball and catch the ball in the air too?  That seems like a lot.  Merlin also plays the pitcher some of the time and plays at the first base.

Sports are not my thing, but I think he has a lot of natural talent.  I was a jazz dancer when I was younger, so I am sure he gets his athleticism from me. He might end up being popular someday! It will be great for Starling to have a popular athlete for a brother instead of a genius nerd.

I only watched a tiny bit of the game (boring) but everyone seemed to think I was a supper mom for having such an athletic son. Except the “team mom”, Shirley,  said that I had missed my shifts making hot dogs at the snack shack.  I explained that I would never, ever sign up for that.  Honestly!

My baseball guy!  Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

My baseball guy! Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

Maybe I should hire some coaches and other trainers this summer to make sure he keeps ahead of the competition.  I’ll ask Ty if he is available.  He will probably want a distraction from his broken heart by then anyway.