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Busy Work at Home Mom

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my lil’ ol’ blog each day?  Well, I do!  Not that I make any money doing this, but I am hoping that soon certain businesses will realize that all of the smart and savvy readers of My Three Angles just might want to buy their products. Then they can just start sending me beauty or fashion boxes (Hello? Stitch Fix? Is that you at the other end of this pretend phone call?)  or maybe even some money.  Right now I consider this blog my job, and let me tell you, being a work at home Mommy blogger is no easy task!

Röbert and the big kids are all up and making all kinds of noise by 7 AM every day, and it is hard for me to sleep through.  When he travels out of town or has a meeting am the one who has to get Merlin and Starling on the bus.  I am up early too.  I need to get to the gym for my 9 AM kick-boxing elite class, and Hummus would be devastated not to spend as much time as possible in the child care there.  After kick-boxing elite I usually have a sauna and then coffee in the cafe before I meet some friends for barre or pilates.  We end the day with spin class or kettle bells most days, then Hummus and I rush out to pick up the ingredients for dinner from a restaurant or gourmet shop.  Sometimes I am so busy I forget to even grab lunch for me and Hummus, LOL!

When we get home it is time for a nap for Hummus and I spend at least 45 minutes writing and watching television and keeping up with my social media and talking on the phone and doing kegels and looking through catalogues and looking luxury homes up online.  Then I relax until Merlin and Starling get home.  They always have a lot to say, so I distract them by handing them my old iPad, so they can play games, or I put Frozen on the television.  Both activities are very educational since they are both so very creative.  Hummus loves to spend the afternoon quietly entertaining himself in his crib.

I try to have dinner on the table by 4 PM, because children need their sleep, then Merlin gives the baby his bath and they all go upstairs to bed by 5:30.  The big kids are allowed to read in bed, but they have had colds coming on, so they have been exhausted from the Benadryl all week, so it is pretty quiet up there by 5:45 most nights.  Röbert checks on them when he gets home, so I, at last, have a moment to myself!  Phew!

I made myself a lil' dinner last night.  The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter.  LOL!

I made myself a lil’ dinner last night. The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter. LOL!