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Happy Independence Day!

We got up bright and early this morning and dropped off Hummus with his Grandmama for the day.  I had left him there yesterday, but I guess she didn’t understand that she was supposed to keep him, because her housekeeper was waiting with him in my house when I got home yesterday afternoon and she didn’t seem at all pleased with me.  Ugh.  Why is Röbert’s mom such a pill?  Anywho, she was so insistent on a specific pick up time today and I was really surprised that Röbby said late afternoon.  The camp is a bit of a drive but late afternoon?  It turns out that there is a tournament at the end of camp!!!!  Horrible!  I was expected to sit through several games of soccer and an awards ceremony?!?!

I can’t even begin to describe how tedious it was.  Some of the parents seemed to think we were all there to make friends and this one man had a mustache and was wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt.  I died.

The awards ceremony was very cheering though.  Lots and lots of awards for my lil’ angle!  He got some dumb ones of course “Kindest Kid” and “Most Spirited”  (I’ll say he is spirited!) but then he won the overall award for best player in camp so the mustache guy and his troll wife can suck it.

We drove back to Grandmama’s to pick up Hummus and were heading out to the lake but I had forgotten Starling’s outfit for tonight at home.  Röbert kept insisting that we couldn’t go home, but I needed that outfit, so I cried until he brought me back to get it.

Guess who is having her lil’ Fourth of July party again this year, despite being humiliated and fat and single and having not a friend in the world?  Karen.  I guess she waited until I was out of town having a fab overnight at a gorgeous lake house with my hot husband to bribe a few other pathetic people to come over and eat her food.  Whatever.

The lake is very upscale for a lake and the house is darling.  Small, but Röbby did well.

And Starling looks so cute in her lil’ outfit that I am sure Röbert agrees that the detour home was well worth it!

Ahoy mateys!  Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

Ahoy mateys! Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

I don’t care at all about Karen’s stupid party but I would love to know who is there and what is happening.  Not that it isn’t obviously completely pathetic, but still.  Also, since it is right next door, I feel like I should have been invited or at least informed.  Not that I care at all.  I wonder who she even found who would come to her awful, grim party?  I couldn’t care less.


The Final Day

I just can’t believe today is the last day of school.  Merlin got all dressed up again.  I don’t know why, he doesn’t graduate for a couple more years.  Starling mentioned that he was getting some other kind of award or something at the final assembly.  How many awards does one kid need?  He came home with a pile of certificates yesterday and Starling didn’t even get one.  I called and gave them a piece of my mind.  She deserves awards and medals too.

Of course he will probably end up ruining this adorable suit!

Of course he will probably end up ruining this adorable suit!

When I arrived to drop them off this morning (I didn’t have time to go to that assembly.  Honestly. who does?) the vice principal ran up to my car and prevented my children from getting out with their lunches.  “Dismissal is at 12 sharp, Mrs. Smith, ” she told me.  It was almost as if she was waiting for me!

So I ended up picking them up at noon.  Cari grabbed Starling to have a playdate with Amber and Hummus was still at tennis, so it was just me and the chatterbox.  Ugh.  His special award today included a book as a part of it and he really wanted me to look at it with him.  I told him I would take a peek later, but I have no intention of doing that.  Next year they should give useful gifts, like eight weeks of sleep-away camp.

I decided to take him over to that little coffee shop near Ty’s house for lunch.  I was so surprised that Ty was there too!  He was alone, but had two salads on his table and two iced teas.  I asked if he was in training for a food eating contest and he just laughed.  I got a sweet picture of him with Merlin and then we decided to take our food to go. I couldn’t imagine sitting for thirty minutes just listening to Merlin go on and on about who knows what.

It is sad that Ty doesn't have a girlfriend, but I am glad that bitch Renata moved away.

It is sad that Ty doesn’t have a girlfriend, but I am glad that bitch Renata moved away.

Now Merlin is upstairs eating and playing with the electronics kit Ty gave him yesterday as one of his awards.  I wonder why Ty has taken such a special interest in my lil’ guy?  Hmmm.

I think I will make myself a lil’ afternoon G&T and go out back and take a much needed rest.  Being a SAHM during summer will give you a my grain!