An Annual Tradition

One of my favorite traditions is sharing my family Christmas card with my readers.  To me, the Christmas card is an important milestone in my year.  I work hard to create a memorable one which will delight everyone who receives it.

Last year I sent out a Christmas card to many people who only knew me through my blog.  It wasn’t my first tier Christmas card, which I sent to close friends and family (except Grandmama, who I was angry with at the time)  and the Swedish royal family.  For my readers I sent out the card which I use to stuff a couple of dollars in for my housekeeper and the guy at the dry cleaner.  It still was beautiful though.


We are a gorgeous family!

Because I have spent this year in quiet, private contemplation, I will not be sending a card out to my online “family”.  I still think everyone deserves a peek at what my loved ones will receive, though.


Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all are lucky enough to have a year one tenth as wonderful as mine.

What the Heck?

I am actually furious right now.  I ordered school pictures of all of my children to enclose in my Christmas cards this year and Starling kept forgetting to bring hers home.  I finally marched into her school yesterday afternoon to pick them up.  It was quite a scene trying to get the school to unlock her locker and it wasn’t until I found it myself and began jimmying it open with a jacknife I had confiscated from Merlin before school that someone managed to find a custodian with some sort of universal key.  The photos were in there, so problem solved!

When I got home I discovered that they had somehow distributed the wrong photo to us.


LOL!  Who is this kid?  Her poor mother!

I brought the photos back to the school and demanded a refund but the office ladies seemd confused.  I guess I will have to take Starling over to the mall this weekend to get her photos retaken.  A mother’s work is never done!


Heart and Soul Warming Soup

There is a bit of a nip in the air today and I think this weather calls for a bowl of delicious, hearty soup.

I actually found this recipe in a book on Merlin’s shelves when I was sorting through them to throw them all away.  It was a strange recipe, requiring one to ask the neighbors for all sorts of ingredients.  Well, I don’t speak to most of my neighbors so I adjusted the recipe accordingly.

First of all you need a nice big enameled cast iron pot.  Don’t skimp on this step!


I find that the most expensive cast iron pot is always the best choice.

Put the pot on the stove filled with 2 quarts of water and bring it to a rolling boil.


Like so.

You need a clean white stone for the next step.  I suppose you could use any clean white stone, but I use one I found on the beach near Martha Stewart’s house.  I really think it is worth going to that beach in Connecticut to get your own stone because the quality is so much better than other white stones.


Maybe Santa will pack a Martha Stewart beach stone in his pack for you if you don’t already have one handy.

Bring the water back to a boil and let it cook for 45 minues to impart the delicious mineral flavors.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  I use about 1 1/2 cups of salt and a dash of pepper.


Yum!  My house is starting to smell really great right about now!

In the original recipe they threw a bunch of random vegetables in the water willy nilly, but I like the clean taste of spinach.  Occasionally I add a lentil or two for some chewiness, but I didn’t today.


Let it cook for awhile.  Sometimes I cook it so long the spinach just melts away!

When your kids come into the kitchen looking for dinner, you know it is done.  Remove from the heat and serve.


I usually add sriracha but I ran out so I used some thai curry paste.  I like a fair amount of heat, but feel free to add more if you like yours spicy!

I Am Back

What a whirlwind year 2016 has been for my lil’ family!  Röbby and I are so in love and my lil’ angles are perfection itself.  Starling is the prettiest and most popular girl in middle school if you can even believe it, and we have moved our bebe Hummus to the most exclusive nursery school in the county following the closure of his last school for human trafficking or some such.

I am doing something very important right now with this blog, which is called rebranding. As my longtime readers all know, I am very, very respectful of my children’s privacy.  As Starling enters a very delicate period in her development I have to respect her privacy even more. In a nutshell, I can’t post a bunch of pictures she knows about.  I will try to sneak a photo or six in here and there so you can all see how much better and cuter my family is than yours, but I am also going to focus more on lifestyle, politics, cooking and entertaining and even weight loss and exercise.  You all have a lot to learn from ol’ Lah Lee!

And I can’t wait to hear from you, my darling readers too.  Of course I will still moderate every last thing you write, since most of you are crazy, but I would love to answer your questions right here on my famous blog.


Lah Lee


Suck it liberals!  God bless America!

So Happy Together

As some of you have already guessed from my recent posts, Röbert and I are once again living together.  We are both overjoyed.  It is like our honeymoon all over again, except with fewer little arguments over the quality of the hotel.

After the tiny incident, when I decided that 29 days of spiritual healing were what I needed, Röbert moved back home to take care of the littles.  He came to the ashram place to share some healing events with me and we agreed that we should give our marriage another chance.

All of you who were asking me to take his photo off of my blog can just suck it now.

5:20:16 cropped

I don’t think you will ever find a cuter and happier couple.


Leaving My Angles

The hardest thing about my 29 days away was how hard it was on my lil’ angles.  Starling suffered the most.  Since I got home she has not been interested in looking at photos of my ashram or hearing stories about my healing experience.  It is all about Starling and how she wants to hang out with her friends and what kind of phone she wants for her birthday.

4:15:16 starling

Can you drive me to the mall?

I plan on grounding her until we are able to fully share the experience I have had, and our relationship is back to where I want it to be.

Raising kids is so hard.  They sometimes seem more interested in their friends than their family, and that ain’t right!