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What I Wore February 26

Today was a day for packing my kiddos up for a weekend with their Daddy, and worshipping the goddess at a yoga marathon at my gym.  I needed to look amazing.

2:25:16 hunters2

Oooops, I did it again.  Hot!

The scarf is a tablecloth I received as a wedding gift, the dress is something I’ve had since high school, the vest is Merlin’s baby blanket and the boots are from Old Navy.  I just cut the Hunter logo from a pair of Fat Alice’s boots last year and glued them on.  Magic!  Fat children don’t care about designer boots anyway.

What I Wore February 24

Today I wanted to look carefree as I visited my family law attorney and six different doctors to help me deal with my pain.

2:23:16 gym tunic

So saucy and devil-may-care.  I may have to move to Austin or Portland!

I layered a striped dishtowel over an old tennis skirt of my mother’s and topped it all off with my gym tunic from middle school with a polo collar dicky underneath.  The sweater is Starling’s. #effortlesschic # dickiesareback #laundryday

What I Wore February 23

Today I needed an outfit for grocery shopping and taking the dog to the vet.

2:22:16 fashun

I could have dropped a diamond and I would have just left it on the floor in this lil’ number. No bending over for Lah Lee today.

The hat was from Grandmama’s collection of old lady hats.  Starling borrowed it from her a few years ago, and today just seemed like a mothball scented hat day. The dress is actually a smock from my hairdresser’s.  They always give me giant glasses of wine and I must have wandered out in this by mistake one day.  LOL!

What I Wore February 22

I am a single mom on a tight budget, but I manage to look great every day.  I work out despite the pain of the injury I recently sustained from a bullet to my ass while I did yoga.  My husband insulted me every day with his inability to to be a tech founder, but I just smile, smile, smile, and you should too.

2:21:16 wIW

I threw on this lil’ number for a quick trip to pose in front of an office building, then a meeting at school.

The bag I bought from a very shady looking man last time I was in the city.

The  ruffle collared blouse is from Starling’s closet, maybe it is Bonpoint?

The sweater is from Ross Dress for Less.

The jacket is something I bought last year at Nieman’s and got into a lot of trouble about later.

The bicycle shorts are from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The leggings are fleece lined and from Kohls.  Look how skinny my legs are!

What I Wore 1/18/2016

1:17:16 sequins

Tragically wounded but still red hot. 

Today I wore a stylish lil’ striped sequin shift from a designer who is too chic and too pricey for the likes of you, and gorgeous black leather biker booties with a 3 inch stiletto heel.

I woke up in terrible, terrible pain and had to take seven pills just to get out of bed, and I wore this outfit.  What is your excuse for the nasty mom jeans now?