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What a Week!

This lil’ getaway has done me a world of good.  I have had a wonderful time reconnecting with my oldest (in every sense of the word, LOL!) and dearest friend, Karen.  We have stayed up late sharing secrets and solving all of the problems in the world.  We have also made many, many friends here and I hope we can come back to this beautiful place again.  I love the beach!

2:6:16 beach food

Karen ate some fried food at this beachside snack shack in a bikini.  I am not sure what part of that is the bravest, but you go, girl!

I am glad Karen was here with me because I have been forced to face some hard truths this week.  While I am perfect, and my marriage is perfect, Röbert is not perfect.  He is cheap and can be selfish.  He does not spend enough time with our beautiful children.  He is not wealthy. He prefers mountains to the beach and he makes me do yucky stuff like canoeing.   He is terrible at buying jewelry for the woman he loves. He does not own a second home.  He has no understanding about why cheap shoes are terrible and no one should own any.

I know that it will be an absolutely devastating blow to him, but when I return home this afternoon I am going to let him know that I would like to try to live separately for the time being.  He can stay in the rental condo and I will continue to live in our beautiful home while he figures out how to become a better, more generous, wealthier person.  And while he is at it, I am sure he will enjoy getting to spend much more time with the kiddos.

So while my lil’ vacay in paradise is ending, it is also a new beginning for me.  And this new beginning is one that I am very excited about!

Wish me luck, because I am about to soar!

Another Day in Paradise

I have barely gotten a chance to even look at my phone all week, but I did text Röbby on Wednesday to let him know that I would be picking the kids up at school today.  After all, that is what he had planned to do last week, and fair is fair.  Unfortunately, I was still at this beautiful beach resort, so I wasn’t able to make it for carpool, so I left a message for him five minutes before school was dismissed.  I guess I thought that is how we handle the school pick up, based on experience.

I spent most of today enjoying the beautiful beach while Karen took windsurfing lessons.  She and Ted have been spending a lot of time together and I haven’t seen her so happy in years.

I met group of women at the spa here and we have been getting together for long runs and surfing.  We are going to a fun lil’ beach bar for cocktails tonight.  I can’t even believe I have to go home tomorrow.  This week has just flown by!

2:6:16 coverup

I spent a lot of time in that hammock this week!

I miss my littles but I have been reminded how important it is to take a lil’ me time.  I hope Röbert has enjoyed his special time reconnecting with his bebes!

Taking a Tour

It was Ted, the windsurfing instructor’s day off today so he took Karen and me on a tour of all the local hotspots.  I kind of felt like a third wheel, but Karen begged me to come.  I must say, this is a beautiful place and Ted is a wonderful guide.

We went to a gorgeous place out on a point.  The surf was so rough and the scenery was so rugged.

2:6:16 wave

Do I look fat?  Does the surf make my hips look big?

After lunch Karen and Ted dropped me off and went to spend the afternoon together.  I am not sure where he is from but I think he must be foreign.  I spent the afternoon by the pool and catching up with some reading.  There was a very thought provoking article about the Duggars in “Us Weekly”.  The Duggars; They’re just like us!  LOL!

This lil’ getaway has been so good for my mental health.

Finally Feeling Relaxed

This morning I woke up with a tiny my grain.  Karen and I went to a bar on the beach last night and I had a couple of mangotinis.  We decided we would go down to the beach to see if some sun and a quick nap would help us both feel better.

After a quick liquid breakfast we were just heading out when we got a phone call from the front desk.  We had apparently scheduled windsurfing lessons on our way home, and then we completely forgot about them.  We raced down to the lesson cabana and the instructor was the cute young guy who Karen had been talking to at the bar!  LOL!  That explains a lot!  I am already a wonderful windsurfer so he got to concentrate on my friend and she is finally able to stand up on her  board.

2:6:16 wind

Do I look fat?  Do I?

Tonight I am staying in and catching up with CNN, Fox News and the Bachelor.  I have missed so much in world affairs while rediscovering myself here, and Karen has a date with a certain young man who teaches windsurfing.  I might even have a lil’ in-room massage.  I am sure that is what Röbby would want me to do.  Maybe that is even why he called 36 times today.

Helicopter Over Paradise

This morning we brought some newfound friends on a wonderful helicopter tour.  It made me dizzy to look out the windows so I napped throughout the trip, but it was well worth the price, I am sure!

2:6:16 helicopter

Ready to go!

Karen and I tried to call Renata to get her to join us.  She couldn’t get away, but when Karen told her what I had discovered about Cari victimizing her she confessed on the phone that she always thought it was me.  LOL!  Why would I bother her?  She always seemed like a very sweet young woman to me.   I am so glad that I discovered what a bad person Cari is and ended our friendship!

Betches at the Beach

My life has been so stressful lately.  First I was shot and disabled.  Then Stefan left on his trip around the world.  I tried to call him last week, but his mom said he was in someplace called the Check Republic which is so remote and mysterious that I couldn’t even find it on Wikipedia. Then Röbby became all crazy about money, rented a second home and picked the children up late.  I needed a getaway!

Luckily for me, Karen was willing to let bygones be bygones once she understood that I had found a credit card that Röbby had forgotten about, so the trip would be on him.  She seems to enjoy spending his money for some reason. LOL!

We are staying in the most beautiful resort!  It makes me wonder why I waited so long to go on a completely luxurious vacation like this.  Probably my cheapskate husband.  LOL!

2:6:16 room

Karen in her room before dinner last night.  The beds have the most wonderfully soft sheets and the service here is unbelievable.

I went running this morning.  I am very self-concious about my weight gain since the tragic shooting but Karen said I look wonderful and I even let her see the scar on my ass.  It was very brave of me.

2:6:16 running

Do I look fat?


Röbby seems to miss me because he keeps texting and calling but I just ignore, ignore, ignore.  Tomorrow we are taking some new friends on a helicopter trip.  It is an expensive but fun way to see all the beautiful scenery here.