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MLK Round Up

Yesterday was a day off from school for the big kiddos, but there is never a day off for a busy work from home blogger like me!  I had no idea how I would entertain my wee ones all day with the wintry weather we had and all my important duties at the gym etc., so I signed them both up for a day of service.

Hummus’s school actually doesn’t believe in Martin Luther King.  They say he is a hoax and everyone knows it, so we were covered there.  I signed Starling up to perform some songs and serve cookies at the senior center but old people scare her, so Röb took her to a local 55+ active living community and she dropped some oreos off in the sales office there instead.  Then she got to go help Daddy at the hardware store, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the paint store, the garden center, the oil change place and a meeting about the new swim club we are thinking about joining.  There is no sense letting Daddy have too much free time on his hands right now, and Mommy is so badly injured that he needs to help out.  It was a very special, very long day together for those two.

Merlin was signed up to do some work for Habitat for Humanity, but when I dropped him off they told him he was too young to work on the building site, but couldn’t reach me on my phone to pick him back up.  Oh well, he had a wonderful time reorganizing their files for them and fixing up a few problems with their computer systems. In the end they told me he could come back anytime.  They must all have a high tolerance for nonsense talk!

1:18:16 Merlin

The sweater is from his grandparents.  Hideous, right?

I didn’t have time to help others, what with my busy blogging schedule, but I took a lil’ time to hang out in the sauna and get a healing massage at the gym.  Still no sign of that bitch Cari, and Krystyn thinks she may have quit the gym completely.  Good.

What I Wore 1/18/2016

1:17:16 sequins

Tragically wounded but still red hot. 

Today I wore a stylish lil’ striped sequin shift from a designer who is too chic and too pricey for the likes of you, and gorgeous black leather biker booties with a 3 inch stiletto heel.

I woke up in terrible, terrible pain and had to take seven pills just to get out of bed, and I wore this outfit.  What is your excuse for the nasty mom jeans now?

Coffee with Stefan

Since I have been home, Röbert has been extra sweet and solicitous of my needs.  Obviously I have been in excrutiating pain a lot of the time, but I try not to let my guy see me like that.  I am terribly stoic, you know.

One of the drawbacks of all of this loving care is that I hardly have a moment to myself.  Recovery means that I am spending a lot of time healing (napping and watching important documentaries about world affairs and bachelors trying to find their one true love among 26 beautiful women) and a fair amount of time talking to doctors about pain relief.  I really haven’t had time to see my special guy Stefan since he got home from his ski trip, but we have been keeping up by text message etc.

This morning I suggested to Röbby that since Piti has her day off on Sunday, he could take the children to visit with Grandmama while I caught up on some sleep.  I don’t want that crazy foreigner, Piti anywhere near my angles!

I quickly got dressed in a sweet lil’ frock and drove downtown to meet Stefan for coffee.  I am so lucky to have a handicapped tag now so I can park easily and don’t have to walk.  I should have had one made for myself years ago!

Stefan and I talked and talked but we just don’t see any way to make our relationship work right now.  He is planning to start on a trip around the world next month and as much as I want to go, I don’t think it is possible.  I tried to convince him that we could just see first world countries with a high standard of health care and easily access to high quality strong and effective pain relief, but he seems to think that to see the world you need to also go to dirty places.  So, no.  He should be back in a few months, and maybe then this star-crossed relationship has a chance.  Damn you Piti or other crazy jealous foreigner or hater who shot me!

1:17:16 Stefan

We are completely, completely adorable together

I guess I would have missed Starling from time to time too.




Call me, gurl

I have had the hardest time catching up with Cari over the last couple of weeks.  I think she must be busting to tell me what she helped Röbby choose for my Christmas gift and she doesn’t want to ruin my surprise.

Yesterday I ran into Mitch at the nice mall with the Tori Burch shop.  He told me that Cari had broken up with him last week, right after she heard from her lawyers about her inheritance from “James”.  Interesting.

Cari and Mitch in happier times.

Cari and Mitch in happier times.  Have I ever mentioned how wealthy he is?

I tried to call her several times, and I only got a text back that said “Luv ya! Busy! XOXO!”

So I called Krystyn who said she’d seen her at a new hot yoga I didn”t even know about.  Apparently Cari has a hot new man who is MARRIED!  She wouldn’t even tell Krystyn who he is.  Now that she has money of her own she is planning to run away with with her new guy.  They are waiting until the day after Christmas, so he can spend the holiday with his children.  This is such crazy gossip that I can’t wait to hear all about it from her!

Of course I don’t believe in dating happily married men, but Cari is such a free spirit and does whatever she pleases.

Bullying in School

There are just so many cute outfits for little girls, especially around the holidays.  Of course Starling, being such an extraordinarily pretty girl, looks absolutely fantastic in everything, so it is hard for me to resist buying new clothes for her.  As a matter of fact, I have far more cute Christmas outfits than there are days until Christmas.  Even if I made her change twice a day, we would still have too many adorable outfits.  Merlin was being a pain in my patootie about some of the cute clothes I bought for him, telling me that they are babyish and the other boys will make fun of him, so I decided he could wear Starling’s clothes too.  Not the dresses of course, just the leggings and tops.

Maybe it looks a little girly? It really is just so cute and festive, though.

Maybe it looks a little girly? It really is just so cute and festive, though.

You should have heard the caterwhauling on the way to school!  I dropped the kids off and headed to the gym, but I got called out of “Good Morning Stretch and Lift” in order to pick him up.  He never even went to the classroom, just straight to the office.  The principal, Mrs. Swedburg, said that Merlin was already a bit of a focus for teasing, due to some other outfits he has worn, and it would be cruel to allow him out in the hallways in his sister’s Christmas swing top and leggings.  I said that I hoped she wasn’t showing her bias about transgender people, because I have watched tv shows about the issue, which is very au courant, and perhaps she should weigh what she says on the topic more carefully.  She pointed out that Merlin does not identify as transgender.  Touché Mrs. Swedburg, for this round.

The good news is that suddenly the cute Polar Express shirt doesn't seem so babyish to him.

The good news is that suddenly the cute Polar Express shirt doesn’t seem so babyish to him.

I guess I will give the cute outfits to poor people after Christmas.

Look at This!

I don’t usually have time for reading on the weekend, but Mitch always gets the Sunday paper, and look what Cari dropped by with this morning.  A lil’ announcement!

Poor, dumb Charlie

Poor, dumb Charlie

Charlie is actually a lovely young man, but not the brightest person I know.  I am sure Renata has fooled him in her usual way.  I just feel terrible for him.

Cari and I need to figure out what we can do about this sitch.  I hope Ty hasn’t taken it too hard.