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Suspect List

  1. Karen
  2. That sales woman at Sparkles who is always giving me the evil eye.
  3. The cart guy at the supermarket.
  4. Gals from the back row in spin who are jealous.
  5. Maybe the guy at the licker store who seems possibly criminally insane.
  6. Other jealous ladies from the gym.
  7. Ties dad seemed pretty mad a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Molly from high school who thought I might have cheated to win head sheer leader.
  9. Roberts ex accept she lives in some country I have never her of.  Check and see if she came home for holidays.

That is all I can think of and mostly they are not likely because they probably love me to.  I am a very lovable lady.  It must have bin a case of mistaken identity.

I will give this list to the police though.

New Year’s Eve

It took for ever for the the hospital to let me leaf today and I was just eager to get home to my littles.  Every single doctor who had even looked my way had to sign off that I was well enough to go home and I had to listen to so much none sense about what I can not do for a while.  No vodka, no looking at screams, even time ones like my phone, take it easy, lots of rest, no vodka and not even a sip of champagne tonight.  I am not a take it easy kind of gal. And it is new years eve.

Robert had surprise me buy shaving his beard off and he looks so handsome. I no that beards are very hip but I love Robert clean shaven so he did it to please me. Cute.

When we got home from the hospital the children had just finished cleaning up the downstairs for me and had made a big welcome home banner.

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

I thought they wood want to stay up late and cuddle with me, but they eight there dinner quietly and went right up to bed.  What perfect angels.

I can here Karens annual party starting up next door but I have ever thing I want right hear.  Robert and I will stay in and enjoy a roaring fire and talk about our plans for two thousand sixteen.

The happy couple

The happy couple

Maybe just a tiny sip of champs at midnight.

Still Here

There were some complications last night so I will be spending one more day at least in this dam hospital.  This is not fun at all.  You would think with all of the exercising I do that my body would just be better and heal faster then any ones.

I cant weight to be home with my adorable littles and just hug and hug them.  It is not right for a mother to be away from her children at Christmas time.

I also cant stop thinking about who might have wanted to shoot me.  Of course it is probably some random hunting type accident but what if it was not?  There is no one who does not like me.  I am a very loveable and popular person.

I keep asking Robert where my friends are and why they are not visiting with me.  He told me that it is a busy time of year and I am at the lake harmony hospital an hour from home.  I still think it is suspicious that no one is here with flours.

I may work on a suspect list for the police.  I think they might appreciate the help.

Happier times with my big littles

Happier times with my big littles


Today I feel so blessed to be alive.

I am still in the hopital and I am not supposed to look at screams for a while so sweet, sweet Robert brought me some voice recognition software so I can dictate my facebook and bog.

I appreciate Robert keeping every one informed on Facebook about what happened, but if you are a reader who doesn’t have Facebook you will be shocked to hear that I have been shot.

I am not sure exactly what went on but I am told that I was taking a couple of days off and Roberts friend Stephanie had let me use his lake house as a retreat.  I was outside enjoying the views and was shot by someone,  No one knows who shot me yet.  It must have been a mistake because who would want to shoot me? I fell and injured my head and next thing I new I was in a hospital with my loving husband by me side.

I have some memory loss but otherwise I am told that I am healing well.  The doctors said I can probably go home to my wonderful family tomorrow.

The nurses have been so kind and caring.

The nurses have been so kind and caring.

I think my resolution for 2016 will be to not get shot again.