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My First New Year’s Resolution

If I have to hear one more time about Augusta Wollard going to meet with the modeling agents in New York City on February 6…I will just continue to smile politely and redirect the conversation.  But honestly, Sondra Wollard is the most stuck up and boring person alive, and no one cares about what Augusta is doing for the entire year of February!

Of course Starling is constantly being stopped on the street and asked if she is a model and every single person who I have asked has agreed that Starling is by far the prettiest and smartest girl at her school.  For me, her education is just a bit more important than a career modeling and a lifetime of eating disorders because of feminism and so forth.  I don’t understand why the other moms all ask Sondra about her boring daughter’s boring meetings in New York, because they all must agree how tedious the topic is.  Not interesting, Sondra.  Please move on!

But me?  I’ll just continue being the superior person here and help some of the other, uglier little girls feel better about themselves by listening to their moms talk about the fucking travel team.

8:16:15 baby

She was beautiful and smiley even as a baby!