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Mama’s Mini-wallet

Merlin has had a very successful couple of weeks, booking many many ads and going on multiple shoots.  He has also convinced his daddy that he has had diarrhea the whole time, and that is why he is missing so much school. He is such a great kid.  Today he went back to school and he was all caught up on his work and had worked on an extra-credit science project too!  He also doesn’t complain a lick when I tell him he can’t eat, unlike certaain other angles I know.

2:28:16 Merlin

I think he looks exactly like me!

Next week we have an out-of-town shoot and they are putting us up at a resort if I can manage to find overnight sitters for the other two.  Maybe I will let Röbert know that Merlin may have a dreaded illness and we have to go to an undisclosed hospital so they can rule out some scary and serious causes for his diarrhea.  Röbby needs to do a lil’ of the AM weekday parenting, I must say.  And I just love resorts!  All of those lovely cocktails!

Cute and Funny

This weekend Merlin had a shoot for some dreadful catalog which took up our entire day on Saturday.  Honestly, it is lucky he is being paid good money for these things because they are tedious.  Obviously it is a good thing that he inherited my good looks and all, but these catalogs are not exactly prestigious.  People keep stopping to tell me how darling he looks, but it isn’t like I can brag about him being in the Mervyn’s sale circular or anything.

Anywho, the photographer he was dealing with on Saturday was ridiculous, just a complete prima donna and poor Merlin is such a people pleaser that you could see he was really struggling with the moody guy.  But he kept changing into different dreadful outfits (why do they even make elastic waist cargo shorts? Why?) and smiled in every single last shot.

This morning, as he was getting ready for school he started dancing around the kitchen imitating the photographer, and he was so funny!  I think he takes after me in the charm department!

2:28:16 dance

“No Merlin!  You need to turn the other way and look into the distance!” LOL!

I still haven’t heard from Heidi and Röbert has refused to ask for more money for his work, so I am glad to have my lil’ breadwinner.  I hope Röb doesn’t find out!

A Model Child

From time to time I take Starling to an open casting for child models.  I also take her to visit modeling agencies, but the people who work at them are just terrible. How are we supposed to have an appointment if they won’t grant us an appointment?

In November we were at a casting and Merlin had a tummy bug so he had to come with us.  We were approached by someone from an agency in the city about Merlin, of all things.  I had a photographer put together a quick portfolio for him and he was signed.  I am a savvy negotiator, so they signed Starling too.  They haven’t found the perfect opportunity for her yet, but Merlin has been out for quite a few bookings.  Nothing prestigious, but the cheap newspaper inserts pay cash money and, as his manager, I get to keep some of it.

For the first time this weekend I saw him in a newspaper ad.  He actually looked darling!

2:28:16 ad

Cheap suit, handsome model.

What do you know? Merlin will be making more money than his daddy in no time.