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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I still haven’t heard from any of the news departments I applied to.  I am thinking of having some cosmetic orthodonture done so I will look super-young for my internship interviews, because I know there will be interviews!  LOL!

Meanwhile, I am spending a lot of time keeping in shape.  I told Röbby that he can just have the kids this week, even though it is a HUGE sacrifice to me not to be around my lil’ love bugs.  I am spending every moment at the gym getting in the best shape possible for when I begin at the station.

4:5 zen

No Mom Bod for me!

Do you even remember Vivienne, who used to cover traffic and cupcake store openings over at News Team 10?  One day she was on top of the world, reporting on the traffic patterns in our metro area on the 6 AM news, and the next thing you know she had a baby or two and her hips were really gross. I can’t even remember any announcement or goodbye, but we all now know and trust Jessica,with her slender hips and flawless extensions, to tell us that the main roads into the city are backed up each and every morning.

Not happening to me.  Not happening to me.

Working It!

I have been unsuccessful so far in my job search, but I had another really great idea.  I honestly can’t believe that I didn’t think of this first, I am such a natural for this particular position.

Of course as with all things worth having, this one requires a lil’ sacrifice at the beginning and I am willing to make it.  I am applying for an internship at our local news!  I am sure I will move right up the ladder there and I can’t imagine that I won’t be an on-air personality within weeks, if not days.

So I ran out and bought myself a few power suits and let Merlin paint a wall in the house green, to simulate a green screen.  I am sure they will want to have a full body shot of me because they won’t want any uggos on the air.


4:3:16 green screen

Lookin’ foxy!

I am also working on a “reel” of me saying newsy stuff.

I had to fudge a little about me being enrolled at a university but they never check those things anyway.

So, so. excited!

My Continuing Job Search

While Lah Lee Industries has not been the immediate sensation I was counting on, I have not given up yet.  And I won’t, at least not until I run through the 2,000 business cards I had printed up.  Even with putting one in Margie’s mailbox each day on the way to the gym, it still might take me a while.  At some point she is going to look at herself in a mirror by mistake and realize that she absolutely must take advantage of my services.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about what kind of career I would be good at and so I made a list of things that I enjoy.  Number one on the list?  Money!

I am now working on my resume to begin a career in finance.  I am not sure exactly what that entails, but I know my background in household budgeting and making due on an inadequate income should make me a very attractive candidate for a high powered job.  If anyone knows of a nearby finance business with short hours and high pay which is looking for someone for a vice presidential or above position, please let me know.

I did a little shopping after Hi Intense Arm Conditioning this morning, and bought myself something for the first interview.

3:29:16 suit

Lookin’ fierce…rahr!

I can’t wait to see the stupid look on Röbert’s face when I land such a great job!

Changing Plans

I have not heard a single word from Heidi Klum since I sent her my letter of inquiry, and that is just plain rude.  I spent quite a bit of time on the phone trying to speak to her this morning and the receptionist at the Lifetime Network told me she doesn’t work there and the student who answered the phone at Parsons Decorating College also said she wasn’t there.  He actually laughed at me.  Well, she has to be somewhere!

I will send a scathing letter to Nina Garcia about my rude treatment by Mrs. Klum as soon as I have a chance. In the meantime, I have an absolutely genius idea which will provide me with all of the money I need in no time.

I would obviously be a wonderful stylist in Hollywood, except I don’t live there, and can’t move there right now due a to a bunch of boring reasons. I have decided to use this gift of mine to style women in my hometown!  I can help them get cute exercise clothes and great outfits for lunches, book club, coffee with friends, PTO, and parties.

Right now I just have business cards made up, but I plan on making some flyers (and absolutely stuffing Margie’s mailbox with them…she and her friends need help).

3:2:16 business card front

I love how cute this is!

There is even information on the back, which makes it look very high class.

3:2:16 business card

I am preparing to be extremely busy!

I have some pretty aggressive pricing figured out for my services, since I don’t want to be dragging poor people around Walmart explaining why they can’t afford to look good.  They can figure that out on their own.

I can’t wait to be able to turn away clients.


The Perfect Job

Röbby keeps insisting that he can’t make more money so I need to supplement our income somehow.  I wonder when he thinks I am going to accomplish this?  My days are very busy and I am a mommy and mommies don’t work.

Luckily for him I did think of a job I would enjoy and which would bring in a LOT of money for only one night of work per week.  I sent an inquiry letter to the HBIC this morning and I will give her about a week to offer me the job before I call.

I am very excited about going to work all of a sudden!

2:27:16 project runway

I sound so smart and businessy here!