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A Few Last Minute Ideas for New Years Eve

9:5:15 LL

It is impolite to your hostess to look less than your best!

Röbert and I have a very glamorous and fun evening ahead of us, but I know that not everyone has great friends with fabulous parties. I have some ideas for last minute plans for those of you who aren’t exactly losers, but who just haven’t a soul in the world who will invite you over on the biggest, most important night of the year. Sad.

  • Dancing Under the Stars on a Fabulous Yacht: Röbbie and I did this one year when there was a bit of a falling out with one of our dear, dear friends who was hosting that year.  Just a silly misunderstanding but we needed to think fast or our entire year would have been ruined.  We convinced our friends with the largest yacht that the husband had invited a small group of us for dancing to a swing band at the previous New Year’s party, knowing that he wouldn’t remember a thing.  We let him and his wife feel the teeniest bit guilty and wallah! They planned an entire party in less than 24 hours.  Fun!
  • Attend a Fab Fundraiser at a Luxury Resort: Pitch an absolute fit when they claim they don’t have your reservation and they will eventually let you in.  When they ask for information about our donation I just write down Karen’s info.  You can do the same.
  • Dinner at a Swanky Restaurant: You will be surprised how easy it is to get last minute reservations when your name is Kate Middleton.  Try it.  I even had an ID made up to show them that that is actually my name if they try to give me a hard time.  Note: You must pick a high class celebrity, none of this Kardashian nonsense.  That will get you nowhere.  Cindy McCain might even work in Tempe.
  • Crash a Party: If you wait until late enough, not a soul will even remember you being there.  I always bring a few bottles of champagne home with me a for a bit of an after-party with my friends.  Good bubbles are wasted on most people, so, with my refined palate, I may as well drink it.

I think some people stay in and watch ugly people on television.  If this is what you choose you must never admit to it.

Happy New Year!

Last Christmas…

I know that most people see me as perfect, a lovely vision of generosity and kindness.  It is mostly true, but I do have have pain and difficulty I must face.  I just face my problems with grace and stoicism.

This December I have been playing a certain song over and over again.

It just speaks to me because, despite appearances to the contrary, Christmas 2015 chez Smith was a bit of a shitshow.  There were hurt feelings and, oh well, it speaks to me.

The other thing most of you already know about me is that I feel things more strongly than most people.  So when I heard yesterday that George Michael had died, I was devestated.  Some people felt bad, but I assure you, I felt worse, partly because of that song and partly because I had always dreamed that someday I would marry George Michael.  Do you think he dreamed the same thing about Lah Lee?


Always smilin’ through my tears!

I have been inconsolable all day, and I just need to pick myself up and move forward because I have to find a dress and purse for New Years Eve.

But George, wherever you are, I would always have waked you up before I Go-Goed.

An Annual Tradition

One of my favorite traditions is sharing my family Christmas card with my readers.  To me, the Christmas card is an important milestone in my year.  I work hard to create a memorable one which will delight everyone who receives it.

Last year I sent out a Christmas card to many people who only knew me through my blog.  It wasn’t my first tier Christmas card, which I sent to close friends and family (except Grandmama, who I was angry with at the time)  and the Swedish royal family.  For my readers I sent out the card which I use to stuff a couple of dollars in for my housekeeper and the guy at the dry cleaner.  It still was beautiful though.


We are a gorgeous family!

Because I have spent this year in quiet, private contemplation, I will not be sending a card out to my online “family”.  I still think everyone deserves a peek at what my loved ones will receive, though.


Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all are lucky enough to have a year one tenth as wonderful as mine.

Nightmare Week

Merlin and Starling both had last week off and Röbby was away at a conference.  So infuriating!  They were able to watch a lot of tv (they watched some show called Happy Valley…it sounds very sweet!) and tried to keep out of my way, but these vacations while I am a struggling single parent are so difficult.  I just keep on smiling through the struggle and am very brave.

They both refused to go help out at Hummus’s school.  They said the men there are “touchy” or something.  I found a lovely lil’ vacation school at the local Episcopal church.  The priest there drives a BMW and his wife drives a Saab, so I know that is my kind of God.  Unfortunately, the children have to be enrolled in their regular Sunday School to enroll.  I think that is wrong, but the church secretary hung up on me three times.

3:27:16 church

Those fancy church choir outfits are adorable!

Maybe I can drop the kids off on a few Sundays so they can enroll in the summer mission trips.

Hoppy Easter

It is so hard and tragic for me to be doing Easter all by myself this year.  Röbby thought he might take the children to his mother’s for the holiday, but I couldn’t bear to be without my lil’ angles on such an important day!

Hummus’s cute little preschool had a special event on Saturday morning where the children of the church members participated in a prayer vigil and the worldly children met the Easter bunny.  Such fun for everyone!

3:26:16 Easter bunny

Hummus is so reserved and he wasn’t crazy about the Easter Bunny!  He might have preferred the prayer vigil.  LOL.

This morning we all got dressed up and got ready for church, but there wasn’t a convenient service.

3:26:16 easter duds

We looked amazing.

We spent the day driving around looking for a good church.  A lot of the congregations looked kind of lower class.  The kids all got hungry and started crying and obviously I couldn’t be expected to make an entire dinner on my own.  I dropped them off at Grandmama’s late afternoon.  I hope she enjoyed them!