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Settling in

Once again I was VERY tired this morning and was planning to sleep in but Röbert woke me up to “talk”.  I couldn’t even hear what he was saying because I was crying so hard.  I am pretty sure we decided to put the conference behind us and I promised never to leave like that again.  Phew!

I fell back to sleep and was awoken by the most awful noise from the kitchen.  Apparently my horrible neighbor, Nancy had given Merlin a drum set while I was away.  What was she thinking? The last thing he needs is a drum set!  I took it away and will sell it on ebay later.

7:30 drums

I hadn’t had much time to shop while I was away, and boys don’t really care about gifts, but I did manage to find the most adorable doll and suite of doll furniture for Starling.  She just couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she played with it this morning!

7:30 doll

While she was playing I decided to go online and check out some photos from the conference and try to piece together some of the parts which remain a little fuzzy to me still and OMG!  My worst nightmare!  There was a picture of me with my missing bra and…I just can’t speak!  It is worse than I thought.  Who took the picture?  OMG!  If Röbert ever sees this I don’t know what he will say!

7:30 bra

Can you tell that is me?  OMG! OMG!  I think you can!

Home Sweet Home

My trip home was horrible!  I was so remorseful about going away without really considering how much it would hurt poor Röbert and the kids.  Apparently my parents really DID have weekend plans so they delivered the kids back to Röbert and he got stuck with them and had to take time off from his work.  It was also way more expensive than I expected and, as I confessed before, I got caught up in the party atmosphere and didn’t learn thing one.  I also lost my favorite bra one night and i am scared how that might have happened.  Please, I hope there are no photos of that evening on the internet.  I sat on the plane and wept.


I had a short layover halfway home and so I made myself comfortable in the airport with a couple of glasses of wine and a good book and tried to think of ways to explain how sorry I am to Röbert.  Well, I was into my third glass of wine and I realized that it had been far too long, so I went and found the gate agent.  Apparently “weather” was preventing flights from leaving so I was stuck for as long as they wanted to keep me there.  I was livid!  I let that woman AND her supervisor know that I was on my way home from an important business conference and I am not used to being treated so shabbily.  I could tell the other passengers were all pretty impressed with how I handled myself.  You would think an airline would know better than to treat influential bloggers like they are nobodies.

I finally got home very late and drove home.  My family was all asleep and so I snuck into bed and then pretended to be asleep when Röbert was getting ready for work this morning.   I guess I have to face him eventually.  Anywho, I do feel like I have a sassy new attitude so I put on my ol’ cutoffs and went for walk while the children slept this afternoon (Benadryl again…LOL!)



OMG!  Emergency!

So, while it may seem to some that our marriage is perfect, sometimes Röbert just gets the teensiest bit angry with me.  This week would be an example.  When I called to let him know I was in San Jose, he had already apparently heard about it from my parents, who I guess are also somewhat annoyed (it is like they are missing the love your grandlittles gene or something!)

wheelbarrow photo

Röbert and I in a happier moment!

In the end, after a very frustrating conversation he agreed that I should stay because I promised him that I would learn so much during the convention, make lots of important connections, learn to monetize (love that word!) my blog and probably get some sponsors!

Well, ugh.  It turns out that I had so much fun that I did not make it to a single session, meeting or speaker.  I did go to a lot of parties, the details are a little fuzzy to me.  The people I met, while a lot of fun, also all ended up having blogs with a similar following to mine (2 page views a week, more or less; one from my mom and one from my dad).  Also, no sponsor.

I may also have implied that I had purchased a nonrefundable round-trip ticket (I bought one way) because i thought with the money all my roommates would reimburse me for the room before they left, I would have enough to get home.  Well, I woke up this morning and everyone was gone, no cash or checks left for the room and when I went to the front desk the room charges were all still on the card I found in Röbert’s sock drawer!  And someone had bought a lot of minibar candies and room service and watched porn! OMG!

So now I need to try to get some sponsors before I go and I don’t know how that works.

7:27 golf

#golf #titleist OMG!  #sponsor  Maybe someone will at least send me some free golf balls to give to Röbert or something!

7:27 Starbucks

#starbucks #Peets #Idon’tcare #coffee

7:27 David

#DavidTutera #weddinggown  I swear, I will wear one of your super sparkly poofy gowns to run errands if you will just help out a gal with whom you shared a special moment this weekend!

The Wild, Wild West

Before I even start describing my ah-maze-ing time in San Jose, I have to speak out against those of you who took offense to an innocent photo I posted yesterday.  Yes, my baby Hummus was naked in it, but excuse me if I was excited to share the great news that he was starting to pull up to stand!  Especially in light of the fact that a certain neighbor, who will remain nameless, had told me he would never learn to stand if I didn’t unstrap him from his carseat and stroller from time to time.   Certain people, who let me know that I shouldn’t post pictures of my child’s naked body just need to mind their own business and get their own minds out of the gutter!  Clearly you are all just jealous and need to get your own lives.  Stepping off my soapbox now!

Hummus carseat

Well, I have to say that a business convention like this is much different than I expected.  First of all it is almost all business ladies, which surprised me.  The other surprising thing is that we (and I say we because I feel like I have joined a sisterhood by coming here) all love to have fun.  On the first night I lost my roommates and started seeing all the sights in this booming metropolis on my own.  But then I met up with some of the other ladies and we got our drink on!  Wow! I barely remember the rest of the evening.  But I am pretty sure it was funnnn!

I decided to sleep in and skip the morning sessions because I had a little my grain in the morning.  But I hopped right up when one of the other ladies suggested mimosas by the pool.

7:25 pool feet

After a crazy afternoon I got dressed in my most serious outfit and headed down to the convention.  I totally got sidetracked by all the freebies and never made it to a single session!  I got some really great pencils and mini crayons and grocery bags and even a couple of t-shirts that I know I will just love forever.  Amazing!

7:25 bidness lady


A bunch of us decided to go grab some food together.  These are my new sistahs from another mistah!

7:25 in crowd

Well, I wanted to look nice so i went and put on my prettiest face LOL.  I was so glad i had watched the youtube describing how to put on smoky eyes because. well,  just look and see.  I was fabulous!

7:25 smoky

I also got a few treats together in our room before we went out!

7:25 wine

Gah, I don’t remember a single thing after that but I found this on my phone so it is probably what I ate.  Who knows?