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So Happy Together

As some of you have already guessed from my recent posts, Röbert and I are once again living together.  We are both overjoyed.  It is like our honeymoon all over again, except with fewer little arguments over the quality of the hotel.

After the tiny incident, when I decided that 29 days of spiritual healing were what I needed, Röbert moved back home to take care of the littles.  He came to the ashram place to share some healing events with me and we agreed that we should give our marriage another chance.

All of you who were asking me to take his photo off of my blog can just suck it now.

5:20:16 cropped

I don’t think you will ever find a cuter and happier couple.


Marital Happiness

It is so wonderful to be married to your absolute best friend in the world!  Röbby and I “get” each other on a level which most couples can never even dream of understanding.

Because we are so completely blissful together, Röb moved into a condo closer to his work over the weekend.  He is now able to get to work earlier each day, so he can make even more money to support his beloved family.  The move also gives me more freedom to spend one-on-one time with the kiddos during the week, and I am sure we will be happier than ever!

I know that our thoughtful decision to live separately during the week and maybe some weekends will bother those people who are stuck in the past and don’t understand modern marriages, but for us it is absolutely perfect and has only brought us closer together.  I am sure that our time together will be even better than ever after spending time apart.

I have also decided to stop using my wheelchair, despite my constant, unendurable pain.  It is just too hard to carry such a bulky thing to the car by myself.

This morning I got the kiddos off to school by myself and was able to make it to the gym with a smile on my face.  I am a glass fully full gal!  And I had a fully full glass of vodka to celebrate.

1:31:16 sad eyes

Changes are fantastic, y’all!

I could not possibly be any happier right now!!!!!




Shopping With Röbert

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to plan as a special day with Röbert.  He had suggested shopping, which was sweet, but I didn’t really want to do that because we have different definitions for the word “affordable”.  I decided a spa day would be perfect, but Röbert got a call confirming our mani-pedi, and told me that he just didn’t think he felt comfortable with that.  Just like I don’t feel comfortable with camping, I guess.  So we ended up shopping anyway.

Here’s the thing, as nice as it was for Röbert to offer, it wasn’t as much fun to do with him as it would be with one of my gal pals.  He really doesn’t like poking in stores and I think he looked bored at the makeup counter.  I did get some cute everyday things, but I didn’t dare look at the designer places or even glance towards my favorite purses.

We went to the cutest lil’ cafe for brunch and we were seated on the patio, which was fantastic.  I think Röbert enjoyed that part.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

Our next date should probably be to a neutral place.  No mountains, no stores…maybe a fashion show or antiquing.


Sunday, Funday

Röbert and I have been talking a lot about how to spend more time together as a couple.  He suggested we spend some time in the mountains together yesterday and then he and I could go shopping together another day.  That sounded like a great idea.  We dropped the kids off at Röb’s mom’s house on Saturday night after the baseball game, and we got up early yesterday morning and headed up to the mountains.  He had bought me some cute-ish hiking boots when he got the baseball stuff for Merlin and I had some adorable hiking short-shorts and a sporty fitted t-shirt, so I would look the part of an outdoorsy gal!

Cari has been through a divorce and she gave me excellent advice about acting as if I like the stuff Röbert likes.  She told me to pretend that I was hiking on a treadmill at the gym, and I did.  It was mostly not terrible.  And of course it was divine to have some time alone with the hub.

He packed a cute lil’ picnic for us of some sandwiches (LOL!  Bread!) but he also had grapes and the darling man had a split of champagne in there for me too!  He knows and loves his wife.

Mr. Mountain man!

Mr. Mountain man!

I was tired after lunch but Röbert brought me to a beautiful waterfall, which was very romantic.  It was too cold to swim, but we dangled our feet in.  The hike down was much easier and I pretended I was doing cross-fit the whole time.

Grandmama loved having her littles with her for the day, so it was a win for everyone!

I have to look up hikers on the internet later and figure out if I might end up with some weird looking muscles if I do this too often.

Saturday is Family Day

This morning Röbert was getting ready to go mountaining or biking mountains or some such, so I insisted that we needed to go to brunch and talk.  I think when I burst into tears (totally faked, one of my best girly moves) I scared him a little so he suggested that we go to the beach and walk for awhile.  Then I had to think of something that was so important to talk about that I would make him go out with me.  So anywhoo, I ended up telling him what a bitch Margie Harris was to me yesterday and how I had run the entire event and the other women were so mean to me.  I cried for real because, when I thought about it, it was really terrible to turn on the person who had run the program and get all the other women on your side.  Maybe they have never heard of a little thing called feminism, but I am sure they would have been all over me if I was a man, and they just resented me for being a strong, resilient woman.

I look totally hot here.

I look totally hot here.

A Day of Dates

Yesterday morning I packed the little ones off to their grandparents for the day (they were pleasantly surprised when they found their grandkiddos waiting for them in front of the television once they woke up, I am sure!) and had a day alone with my hubby.  He isn’t crazy about dressing up or brunch, but I just knew he would enjoy getting dressed up to go to brunch at the new restaurant in town.

My handsome guy!

My handsome guy!

Later in the day he was watching football and I told him that I had a surprise for him!  Tickets to the ballet.  He protested a little but I am sure once we got there he really loved it.

We make a lovely couple.

We make a lovely couple.

Now all the haters who asked where Röbert has been can shut their pie holes.  Clearly he is deeply in love with me and not off gallivanting around, and I am not pursuing Mr. Wozinski, who looks like a a hobbit.  Sheesh.