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Welcome to my lil’ corner of the internet!    I am Lah Lee and I live with the love of my life, Röbert, and my three lil’ angles, Starling, Merlin and Hummus.  Our names are unusual but we are a very creative family, and just a bit more intellectual than average.

I am an active, hip supper-mom.  I love bringing happiness and joy to everyone I meet.

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

    Love your blog! Sorry for my long comments, I don’t mean to post-hijack. I will try to keep it briefer in the future….., (waffles on for a few dozen paragraphs).


  2. Rebecca

    I just found you because there was a link to a blog that was mocking one of your posts about putting your daughter on a diet. They felt that your post was a parody of one of my blog posts. And then they mocked me too. In the world of bloggers, this just draws more traffic for all of us so I guess they can just keep mocking. 😉 Anyway, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Love your dry sense of humor! Love your creativity in your pictures and writing style.

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  3. Ms George

    Hi Lahlee, love the blog. Can you please claim it on bloglovin? I find that the easiest way to read blogs. But don’t think you can get me to give you clicks by adding that “read more after the jump” business. That drives me crazy


  4. Claire Annette Reid

    So happy to connect with you here! I secretly admire mothers like you who aren’t afraid to let others share the responsibility of caring for her children. I have so much guilt when they cry when I strap them in the carseats in the display at Target, but I need ME time…. people just don’t seem to get it. Off topic, my little secret is that Target sells some pretty decent vino. The flask should never be empty, that’s what mother always taught me.



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