My First New Year’s Resolution

If I have to hear one more time about Augusta Wollard going to meet with the modeling agents in New York City on February 6…I will just continue to smile politely and redirect the conversation.  But honestly, Sondra Wollard is the most stuck up and boring person alive, and no one cares about what Augusta is doing for the entire year of February!

Of course Starling is constantly being stopped on the street and asked if she is a model and every single person who I have asked has agreed that Starling is by far the prettiest and smartest girl at her school.  For me, her education is just a bit more important than a career modeling and a lifetime of eating disorders because of feminism and so forth.  I don’t understand why the other moms all ask Sondra about her boring daughter’s boring meetings in New York, because they all must agree how tedious the topic is.  Not interesting, Sondra.  Please move on!

But me?  I’ll just continue being the superior person here and help some of the other, uglier little girls feel better about themselves by listening to their moms talk about the fucking travel team.

8:16:15 baby

She was beautiful and smiley even as a baby!

4 thoughts on “My First New Year’s Resolution

  1. baylor003

    Ugh. They only have to brag about how ‘talented’ their girl are because they, themselves, are insecure. Of course, if the parent wants to pay dearly, there is always a coach or ‘talent agent’ willing to promote the child.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Exactly! I am so happy that Starling’s talent and beauty are natural. I believe Augusta may have some fillers and I mentioned it anonymously on a local Facebook page, just so other parents will know not to let their child spend the night at the Wollards and possibly end up getting injected with Botox as a “fun” activity. Let children be children! Plastic surgery can wait for the sweet 16 birthday present!


  2. baylor003

    What a perfect gift!! Sterling is SO blessed, a mother that values her natural beauty, yet understands how much plastic surgery enhances it!


  3. jumped the sheep

    If you have to keep talking about how amazing and talented your kid is, it’s because no one will realize it themselves. People KNOW Starling is a bright and beautiful girl but this Augusta is clearly a dud who is being pushed on people by her parents. That is such a shame!



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