A Few Last Minute Ideas for New Years Eve

9:5:15 LL

It is impolite to your hostess to look less than your best!

Röbert and I have a very glamorous and fun evening ahead of us, but I know that not everyone has great friends with fabulous parties. I have some ideas for last minute plans for those of you who aren’t exactly losers, but who just haven’t a soul in the world who will invite you over on the biggest, most important night of the year. Sad.

  • Dancing Under the Stars on a Fabulous Yacht: Röbbie and I did this one year when there was a bit of a falling out with one of our dear, dear friends who was hosting that year.  Just a silly misunderstanding but we needed to think fast or our entire year would have been ruined.  We convinced our friends with the largest yacht that the husband had invited a small group of us for dancing to a swing band at the previous New Year’s party, knowing that he wouldn’t remember a thing.  We let him and his wife feel the teeniest bit guilty and wallah! They planned an entire party in less than 24 hours.  Fun!
  • Attend a Fab Fundraiser at a Luxury Resort: Pitch an absolute fit when they claim they don’t have your reservation and they will eventually let you in.  When they ask for information about our donation I just write down Karen’s info.  You can do the same.
  • Dinner at a Swanky Restaurant: You will be surprised how easy it is to get last minute reservations when your name is Kate Middleton.  Try it.  I even had an ID made up to show them that that is actually my name if they try to give me a hard time.  Note: You must pick a high class celebrity, none of this Kardashian nonsense.  That will get you nowhere.  Cindy McCain might even work in Tempe.
  • Crash a Party: If you wait until late enough, not a soul will even remember you being there.  I always bring a few bottles of champagne home with me a for a bit of an after-party with my friends.  Good bubbles are wasted on most people, so, with my refined palate, I may as well drink it.

I think some people stay in and watch ugly people on television.  If this is what you choose you must never admit to it.

Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “A Few Last Minute Ideas for New Years Eve

  1. Angela Talangelo

    My 12-year old twin littles are currently working to infiltrate the valet crew at our exclusive neighborhood Country Club. The Club throws a members-only gala to die for every New Years Eve, and literally everybody who’s anybody will be in attendance. As soon as my sweet gals grab up some valetian jackets and nab hold of a few key fobs, hubs and I will spring from the bushes and snag up a spot in the que. What? Invitations? Honestly…we rented a Rolls for the evening… that IS our invitation.


  2. Big Fan

    Oooh, I wish we’d seen this wise advice before New Year!
    Still, we had a lovely evening at home with out lovely girls. Even if Maleana was in a sulk about missing out on her friend’s party! But family time is best, eh?



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