Standing Up for Ass Shot Victims

Today is a day I am celebrating. “Celebrating?!” I hear many of you gasp.  Yes, I am celebrating the day I got shot in the ass.

One year ago today I was doing a downward dog pose on the deck behind the beautiful vacation home of my dear, dear friend when I was shot in the ass by a madman.  It was touch and go for a bit and I know people cried and were worried about me.  My loving husband rushed to be by my side and was the first face I saw when I woke up after my surgery.


I post this extremely unflattering photo of myself in the hospital proudly because I am a SURVIVOR of being shot in the ass!


But lets not dwell on what happened a year ago, let’s look forward to a day when no one anywhere gets shot in the ass.  I am working to have laws put on the books that make the penalties for shooting someone in the ass, or even having a weapon within several feet of a yoga studio, stronger.

Let’s all unite to make sure that these laws get passed everywhere.  I give you permission to call them the Lah Lee laws, so people can remember that tragic time and make sure that no one, especially a poor person who can’t afford a good plastic surgeon, has to suffer as I did.


8 thoughts on “Standing Up for Ass Shot Victims

  1. Angela Talangelo

    Exactly what I was wondering M-Rob. Did Ty ever end up adopting Merlin?

    I am working on something similar here… My Mommy-&-Me group is lobbying hard to have Red Table Wine re-classified as a Juice. And to make it not only legal, but, in fact, encouraged to consume, when passengering in the HOV lane on the interstate. I am a hUge proponent of Social Justice, Lainie.


  2. Cindy McCain #nevertrump well maybe just a little

    are you still doing online bullying? Some people were saying some terrible things about me yesterday and I’d like to make a complaint.


      1. Cindy McCain #nevertrump well maybe just a little

        That’s sweet of you. I’ve had a restorative glass of wine since my comment and I might just let Homeland Security take care of it. I am pretty sure you can add people to the no-fly list using screen names. The NSA should be able to track them down based on their like, zip address to zip code cross referencing and .. yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

        Anyway, glad you got your ass shot off and stuff. It’s always nice to lose a few pounds around the holiday season, so festive!



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