Last Christmas…

I know that most people see me as perfect, a lovely vision of generosity and kindness.  It is mostly true, but I do have have pain and difficulty I must face.  I just face my problems with grace and stoicism.

This December I have been playing a certain song over and over again.

It just speaks to me because, despite appearances to the contrary, Christmas 2015 chez Smith was a bit of a shitshow.  There were hurt feelings and, oh well, it speaks to me.

The other thing most of you already know about me is that I feel things more strongly than most people.  So when I heard yesterday that George Michael had died, I was devestated.  Some people felt bad, but I assure you, I felt worse, partly because of that song and partly because I had always dreamed that someday I would marry George Michael.  Do you think he dreamed the same thing about Lah Lee?


Always smilin’ through my tears!

I have been inconsolable all day, and I just need to pick myself up and move forward because I have to find a dress and purse for New Years Eve.

But George, wherever you are, I would always have waked you up before I Go-Goed.

2 thoughts on “Last Christmas…

  1. Cindy McCain #nevertrump well maybe just a little

    Hmm… Wasn’t this the singer who sang that song about the sex. I seem to remember something about a video or whatever, a lonnnnnnnnnng time ago. Luckily my kids were too young to be corrupted by it but it really, looking back, you can see it really was a sign of the decline of American culture. Music videos! I ask you! What is the point of SEEING music??!! Anyway Lah Lee, I’m not sure that a debauched pop singer like this guy is worth your tears, my dear. The world is no poorer for the loss of a degenerate like that.


  2. jumped the sheep

    George Michael was a national treasure and I cannot believe we’ve lost him. 2016 has been such a cruel year for so many and I just don’t know how you’ve survived it! Empaths like us are just so sensitive and feel things so deeply that it is hard to function some days. Fortunately I have you to inspire me to get up and go! I just don’t know where you get YOUR inspiration from!



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