An Annual Tradition

One of my favorite traditions is sharing my family Christmas card with my readers.  To me, the Christmas card is an important milestone in my year.  I work hard to create a memorable one which will delight everyone who receives it.

Last year I sent out a Christmas card to many people who only knew me through my blog.  It wasn’t my first tier Christmas card, which I sent to close friends and family (except Grandmama, who I was angry with at the time)  and the Swedish royal family.  For my readers I sent out the card which I use to stuff a couple of dollars in for my housekeeper and the guy at the dry cleaner.  It still was beautiful though.


We are a gorgeous family!

Because I have spent this year in quiet, private contemplation, I will not be sending a card out to my online “family”.  I still think everyone deserves a peek at what my loved ones will receive, though.


Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all are lucky enough to have a year one tenth as wonderful as mine.

18 thoughts on “An Annual Tradition

  1. Mrs. Robinson

    That Merlin, always front and center in the Smythe family! Lookin’ good Robbie! Hope his little indiscretions are over now. 2016 was tough for all of us, but some more than others 😉


  2. afriendinneedindeed

    What a beautiful family!!!! But, umm, I only see two little angles there. Where is Merlin? Is he represented by the apple on the dish? If so, you are so very clever and once again are demonstrating your artistic flair.


  3. jumped the sheep

    I consider myself #soblessed because I was a lucky recipient of your Christmas card and newsletter last year. I’ve kept them on my refrigerator to this day and look upon them for inspiration. They really helped me get through your blog hiatus!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      He most certainly is in the picture! Right up front and hogging the limelight as per usual. What is wrong with you? Would you send out a Christmas card without one of your children on it? I certainly would not, but maybe I just am not “cool” enough.


  4. Cindy McCain #nevertrump well maybe just a little

    Damn it feels good to be a gangster, eh Bobsers? Gang signs with the fingers, so tricky and subtle.



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