I Am Back

What a whirlwind year 2016 has been for my lil’ family!  Röbby and I are so in love and my lil’ angles are perfection itself.  Starling is the prettiest and most popular girl in middle school if you can even believe it, and we have moved our bebe Hummus to the most exclusive nursery school in the county following the closure of his last school for human trafficking or some such.

I am doing something very important right now with this blog, which is called rebranding. As my longtime readers all know, I am very, very respectful of my children’s privacy.  As Starling enters a very delicate period in her development I have to respect her privacy even more. In a nutshell, I can’t post a bunch of pictures she knows about.  I will try to sneak a photo or six in here and there so you can all see how much better and cuter my family is than yours, but I am also going to focus more on lifestyle, politics, cooking and entertaining and even weight loss and exercise.  You all have a lot to learn from ol’ Lah Lee!

And I can’t wait to hear from you, my darling readers too.  Of course I will still moderate every last thing you write, since most of you are crazy, but I would love to answer your questions right here on my famous blog.


Lah Lee


Suck it liberals!  God bless America!

20 thoughts on “I Am Back

  1. Who's Merlin Anywho

    So great to hear about Starling and that other one! Hoping that the pain+in-the-butt schoolteacher has stopped stalking you. Now it’s time for Christmas magic! What is Röbert going to buy you this year?


  2. Who's Merlin Anywho

    Also, will you please post everything you eat with recipes included? You once posted celery-water soup but I’ve forgotten how to make it. Maybe you could share a promo code for a meal delivery service that would make cooking easier? I don’t know how you do it all!


  3. Biggest Fan

    Lolly! 2016 has been so desolee without your guidance! Also, there’s been nothing online except blah blah blah about that stupid election. What this country needs is some good lifestyle guidance. You go, girl! Make blagging great again!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Of course we were hanging by the phone for a few days, but we never received the phone call. I think there were two reasons why Röb wasn’t offered at least an undersecretary position. 1. Despite appearances, which are totally because of my extremely thrifty shopping, we are not billionaires and everybody knows the smartest men are the richest men. and B. He is too good looking. Check out the rest of those guys.


  4. Equestrian Pilates mama

    Welcome back Lah Lee! I have been so lost without your wisdom. I agree with the comment above, I have always believed that you should be a lifestyle blogger after your recipe for the delicious celery soup!

    Making America great again with one recipe at a time!


  5. Big Fan

    You are back! Oh how wonderful! Thank you for sparing time from your so on fleek life to pay attention to your fans!
    So good to hear how hubby and your two gorgeous littlies are doing!
    More piccies please!


  6. Angela Talangelo

    Trump Fangirl banner for the win!

    I once brought bake-sale brownies to a train wreck… made thirty bucks! Tiny thumbs up, Layla.



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