So Happy Together

As some of you have already guessed from my recent posts, Röbert and I are once again living together.  We are both overjoyed.  It is like our honeymoon all over again, except with fewer little arguments over the quality of the hotel.

After the tiny incident, when I decided that 29 days of spiritual healing were what I needed, Röbert moved back home to take care of the littles.  He came to the ashram place to share some healing events with me and we agreed that we should give our marriage another chance.

All of you who were asking me to take his photo off of my blog can just suck it now.

5:20:16 cropped

I don’t think you will ever find a cuter and happier couple.


8 thoughts on “So Happy Together

  1. Stranded

    Lahlee, what was the “tiny incident” that led you to decide on a 29 day spiritual journey? Asking for a friend.


  2. PSL Mama

    You belong together. It is so clear. I’m curious about the “tiny incident.” Maybe you should find a church family. I am thinking it would help your healing and your marriage. Much love.


  3. Reboogginglurker

    I’m kind of sad that you stopped writing. This was definitely one of my favorite blogs. I hope you come back soon!



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