Leaving My Angles

The hardest thing about my 29 days away was how hard it was on my lil’ angles.  Starling suffered the most.  Since I got home she has not been interested in looking at photos of my ashram or hearing stories about my healing experience.  It is all about Starling and how she wants to hang out with her friends and what kind of phone she wants for her birthday.

4:15:16 starling

Can you drive me to the mall?

I plan on grounding her until we are able to fully share the experience I have had, and our relationship is back to where I want it to be.

Raising kids is so hard.  They sometimes seem more interested in their friends than their family, and that ain’t right!

6 thoughts on “Leaving My Angles

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    Grounding Starling sounds like such an ashram thing to do. That feeling of calm…that sense of being grounded, one with the earth. Well, as one with the earth as one can be while sitting on wall to wall carpeting, I suppose. It’s great that you are bringing some of the spa life back to your sweet family!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Wall to wall carpeting is for ugly people with no style. I like Starling to spend lots of time “helping Mommy” when she is grounded. Today she went shoe shopping with me and told me which ones were cute and which ones were ick. I know, of course, but it makes her feel important to help out.



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