Back…And Better Than Ever!

I am so glad to be home again and minding my lil’ blog.  I have missed each and every one of you very much.  Well, maybe not Beverley, who wrote a very rude Facebook post about me in my absence, but she said she wouldn’t look at my blog again, so I guess she doesn’t count!

Anywho, where have I been?  I went away on the most wonderful lil’ vacay for 29 days.  It was at a very spa-like place, only it wasn’t exactly a spa.  More like an ashram; very spiritual.  Unfortunately it also wasn’t the spa-like place in Malibu that is absolutely heaving with celebrities, but it was absolutely lovely and I met lots of very wealthy people who value their privacy, thank you very much!

4:15:16 lounge

Here I am in the cozy lounge area of the ashram.  I don’t have many photos, because the staff there frowned on us taking them.

I kept extremely busy while I was there, although they wouldn’t allow us to blog or use our phones or anything really.  The food was on the starchy side, but I didn’t eat much and did a lot of running around in the yard, so my thigh gap is still on fleek.  And now, at last, I am home!

I can’t wait to tell you about all the happy changes in my life, but right now we are about to enjoy a lovely family dinner in the manner of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Luv ya, missed ya!

14 thoughts on “Back…And Better Than Ever!

  1. Big Fan

    Oooh! So excited to see you back Lah Lee!
    I hope your little family are ok, and didn’t miss you too much!
    Is this Ashram you stayed in part of that weird cult where they wear orange all the time?
    I hope you managed to sneak a few pics, I know how great you are at those ‘candid’ shots.


      1. iwassnowyfirst

        I think she meant the Harry Krishna’s. The orange is gaudy, and they don’t get that togas are *not* every day wear. Heellloooo, college is over!

        So glad you’re back, safe and sound. We were worried!


  2. mrsbintraining

    Lah Lee, so glad you’re back, but what is with that poncho? Please tell me your ashram was not one of those not-showering-or-shaving hippie communes! Also, you are so brave, I don’t know how you do it. If I were you, I could never practice yoga again after your traumatic incident last fall. I’d probably have to settle for Prancercizing myself.


  3. Jumped the Sheep

    I am so pleased you are back!!!! We all missed you so much but you really did deserve a little getaway after all of your selfless acts and all that you’ve been through lately. Good for you for finally finding the time to focus on YOU!


  4. NotaCatLady

    Glad you have your spirits in order. Hope your angles are doing well. I have been so worried about them going to school in who knows what clothes or pjs. Your reputation was really on the line. It doesn’t take much to start the bullys talking.


  5. Harry's Crew

    Lah Lee they sent you back to the 70s! So glad you made it back to 21C. The colour scheme back then does not suit you at all.



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