Father of the Year

One of my many fans PMed me a photo of Merlin at school today.  Thank you, Uranegligentmomlahlee!

4:7:16 pjs

He is always adorable.  He looks exactly like me.

Do you like his school clothes?  He is wearing his pajamas!  I want to wring Röbert’s neck.  What must people think?  Next time I unexpectedly drop the kids off at the last minute for the whole week, Röbert had better not drop the ball again.  So embarrassing!

9 thoughts on “Father of the Year

  1. HotWifeSuperMom

    At this rate, you’re going to end up with full custody, but don’t forget that comes with full child support bennies! 😉


  2. Cindy McCain

    His school doesn’t have uniforms? I would have expected them to send him home. And is that a TV in the classroom? Must be a public school, huh? Teacher’s union keeping the deadwood. This type of thing would not happen with charter schools. How sad. Try lowering taxes, that should improve the school.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      We are working hard to lower our taxes here but charter schools are for inner cities. Maybe we could have a more exclusive model for charter schools where only the children from good families get accepted. Just thinking out loud.


  3. Gio

    Why is there an IKEA sofa in his classroom? What kind of school do you send your children to? I am worried for your little possibly gay son.


  4. iwassnowyfirst

    Is everything well, Lah Lee? It’s been so long since you updated! I imagine you’re probably just very busy with your new career, caring for your children, and looking fabulous, but I hope you’ll let us know you’re all right!


    1. iwassnowyfirst

      See, now I’m worrying. I hope you’re just enjoying a new job as a fashion reporter, chasing stories all over the globe, but it’s so odd you haven’t let your readers know so we can indulge in some proper envy. Do let us know you’re all right!



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