Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I still haven’t heard from any of the news departments I applied to.  I am thinking of having some cosmetic orthodonture done so I will look super-young for my internship interviews, because I know there will be interviews!  LOL!

Meanwhile, I am spending a lot of time keeping in shape.  I told Röbby that he can just have the kids this week, even though it is a HUGE sacrifice to me not to be around my lil’ love bugs.  I am spending every moment at the gym getting in the best shape possible for when I begin at the station.

4:5 zen

No Mom Bod for me!

Do you even remember Vivienne, who used to cover traffic and cupcake store openings over at News Team 10?  One day she was on top of the world, reporting on the traffic patterns in our metro area on the 6 AM news, and the next thing you know she had a baby or two and her hips were really gross. I can’t even remember any announcement or goodbye, but we all now know and trust Jessica,with her slender hips and flawless extensions, to tell us that the main roads into the city are backed up each and every morning.

Not happening to me.  Not happening to me.

6 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

  1. NotaCatLa

    Why don’t you try to be a viral sensation on YouTube. Lots of Bloggers do that, don’t they? I think if you get some followers, you can make a lot of money fast.


    1. afriendinneedindeed

      Great idea, NotaCatLa! I would be a follower and would tell all my internet friends about her! La Lee could do yoga on YT, or give fashion tips, or there are so many things she is an expert on, it boggles the mind!


  2. grammarian

    maybe a breast lift and very small implants, to celebrate your self reliance and reestablish your feminism and independence? nothing says “proudly myself” like plastic surgery; the more expensive the better.



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