Working It!

I have been unsuccessful so far in my job search, but I had another really great idea.  I honestly can’t believe that I didn’t think of this first, I am such a natural for this particular position.

Of course as with all things worth having, this one requires a lil’ sacrifice at the beginning and I am willing to make it.  I am applying for an internship at our local news!  I am sure I will move right up the ladder there and I can’t imagine that I won’t be an on-air personality within weeks, if not days.

So I ran out and bought myself a few power suits and let Merlin paint a wall in the house green, to simulate a green screen.  I am sure they will want to have a full body shot of me because they won’t want any uggos on the air.


4:3:16 green screen

Lookin’ foxy!

I am also working on a “reel” of me saying newsy stuff.

I had to fudge a little about me being enrolled at a university but they never check those things anyway.

So, so. excited!

13 thoughts on “Working It!

  1. afriendinneedindeed

    Wow, I just listened to your audition video. Actually I listened to it over and over, several dozen times, because you are so mesmerizing. You are definitely a natural for the news. And foxy doesn’t describe how hot you are. I need to take a cold shower now.


  2. Carly Riskus

    Oh. My. God. Why did not one think of this earlier? If I’m going to hear about Hillary Clinton and the crap weather, I want to hear it from your dulcet tones.


    1. Cindy McCain

      If I’m going to hear the words “Hillary Clinton” it better be followed by the words “was indicted today”. I don’t care whose voice says it but yours is very nice, dear.


  3. 12thFetus4Jesus

    Wowza! A new word salad chef is in the house! Move over, Sarah Palin. Lah Lee is going places on the air. And if you dye your hair blonde, I bet you’d be on Fox News in no time!


    1. jumped the sheep

      Ewww. You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin but, at the end of the day, she’s still Sarah Palin. Lah Lee is so much better – and prettier – than that hag. I do agree about Fox News though. LL can be the standout brunette.



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