Nightmare Week

Merlin and Starling both had last week off and Röbby was away at a conference.  So infuriating!  They were able to watch a lot of tv (they watched some show called Happy Valley…it sounds very sweet!) and tried to keep out of my way, but these vacations while I am a struggling single parent are so difficult.  I just keep on smiling through the struggle and am very brave.

They both refused to go help out at Hummus’s school.  They said the men there are “touchy” or something.  I found a lovely lil’ vacation school at the local Episcopal church.  The priest there drives a BMW and his wife drives a Saab, so I know that is my kind of God.  Unfortunately, the children have to be enrolled in their regular Sunday School to enroll.  I think that is wrong, but the church secretary hung up on me three times.

3:27:16 church

Those fancy church choir outfits are adorable!

Maybe I can drop the kids off on a few Sundays so they can enroll in the summer mission trips.

9 thoughts on “Nightmare Week

  1. Heather

    I’m sorry life is so much work for you! You are such a selfish, good person and deserve love and happiness (and money).
    When are you going to change the photo header on your blog? Time to move on. How will you find a rich man if Robert is still in the picture?


    1. afriendinneedindeed

      Heather, no doubt you meant SELFLESS! Lah Lee is the most giving, gracious individual alive.
      Lah Lee, I think that you are being discriminated against on the basis of your religion… whatever it is. That secretary who hung up on you is obviously exhibiting religious bigotry. I’m sorry you have to suffer so much. I nominate you for sainthood. Mother Teresa had nothing on our Lah Lee!


      1. Heather again

        Oh, deer! I had to ask a friend. Yes, I meant selfless! LaLeeh, I’m so sorry if I hurt you’re feelings. You are so strong and brave, being a single momma.


  2. jumped the sheep

    What kind of church turns down children who are interested in their spirituality? I mean, Jesus Christ on a cross, you hear about all of these organizations worried about attacks on religious freedom and here you have a church that is attacking your religious freedom!



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