Mama’s Mini-wallet

Merlin has had a very successful couple of weeks, booking many many ads and going on multiple shoots.  He has also convinced his daddy that he has had diarrhea the whole time, and that is why he is missing so much school. He is such a great kid.  Today he went back to school and he was all caught up on his work and had worked on an extra-credit science project too!  He also doesn’t complain a lick when I tell him he can’t eat, unlike certaain other angles I know.

2:28:16 Merlin

I think he looks exactly like me!

Next week we have an out-of-town shoot and they are putting us up at a resort if I can manage to find overnight sitters for the other two.  Maybe I will let Röbert know that Merlin may have a dreaded illness and we have to go to an undisclosed hospital so they can rule out some scary and serious causes for his diarrhea.  Röbby needs to do a lil’ of the AM weekday parenting, I must say.  And I just love resorts!  All of those lovely cocktails!

16 thoughts on “Mama’s Mini-wallet

    1. Equestrian Pilates Mama

      Such a great Mama!
      I bet Starling could go to all kinds of exotic places if she got into modelling. Do you think she hasn’t been discovered yet because shes always smiling so brightly? I bet if she photographed with a little sullen pout, she would be snapped (hehe) up in no time.


  1. Harry's crew

    Looking good Merlin! Where can we buy that ensemble? My lil’ man would look as cute as Merlin in it! But not as tense.


      1. grammarian

        someone told me that “all-american” is racist. i was so confused. it just means blond and blue-eyed, why is that a problem?


  2. NotaCatLa

    Just make demands. You want a nanny and room for your other kids. Pitch a fit. If they want Merlin, you are a package deal. Mommy’s dearest.


  3. afriendinneedindeed

    Make sure he doesn’t get too skinny, with the not eating and diarrhea. Boy models are not meant to be as waifish and as thin as girl models. That being said…at the resort, it’s ALWAYS COCKTAIL TIME!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Have you seen the Tom Ford shows? Those are some hungry young men! And I think, in general, children look better when they are extremely slender. Like, EXTREMELY slender.



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