Changing Plans

I have not heard a single word from Heidi Klum since I sent her my letter of inquiry, and that is just plain rude.  I spent quite a bit of time on the phone trying to speak to her this morning and the receptionist at the Lifetime Network told me she doesn’t work there and the student who answered the phone at Parsons Decorating College also said she wasn’t there.  He actually laughed at me.  Well, she has to be somewhere!

I will send a scathing letter to Nina Garcia about my rude treatment by Mrs. Klum as soon as I have a chance. In the meantime, I have an absolutely genius idea which will provide me with all of the money I need in no time.

I would obviously be a wonderful stylist in Hollywood, except I don’t live there, and can’t move there right now due a to a bunch of boring reasons. I have decided to use this gift of mine to style women in my hometown!  I can help them get cute exercise clothes and great outfits for lunches, book club, coffee with friends, PTO, and parties.

Right now I just have business cards made up, but I plan on making some flyers (and absolutely stuffing Margie’s mailbox with them…she and her friends need help).

3:2:16 business card front

I love how cute this is!

There is even information on the back, which makes it look very high class.

3:2:16 business card

I am preparing to be extremely busy!

I have some pretty aggressive pricing figured out for my services, since I don’t want to be dragging poor people around Walmart explaining why they can’t afford to look good.  They can figure that out on their own.

I can’t wait to be able to turn away clients.


25 thoughts on “Changing Plans

  1. Angela Talangelo

    Have you gone back to biting your nails? You really should Jamberry those digits… Hands make the model!


  2. carleetime

    lah, you should do a fashion show with your three angles and maybe fat alice? that would drum up business and kids fashion is so hot these days.


  3. Geo

    The font on your business card is atrocious. Lah Lee, this is not 1992. What has gotten into your head? Did Fat Alice lend you some clip art? I fear you have made a terrible decision, poor thing?


  4. Meghan McCain

    Lah Lee, that font is atrocious. This is not 1991. Did Fat Alice loan you some clip art? I am worried for you, dear heart.


      1. Meghan McCain

        No, I am actually Meghan McCain. I use a phantom email address so my stalkers can’t find me, much like my former sister Julia uses Morning Muffin.


  5. 12thFetus4Jesus

    I’m curious as to what the pink lettering on your card means. I’m so busy with my 11 (soon to be 12) littles so I am not current on all the latest girl slang.

    “Let your twent be our Eminem.”
    “And your bunions be Our Twent.”

    All you hip gals must know what that is code for but it kind of sounds icky to me.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Is that like, “I am Spartacus”?

      You are not Meghan and it is pathetic to keep defending that point. I will be happy to contact her to ask about it, if that is what you want., Geo.



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