The Perfect Job

Röbby keeps insisting that he can’t make more money so I need to supplement our income somehow.  I wonder when he thinks I am going to accomplish this?  My days are very busy and I am a mommy and mommies don’t work.

Luckily for him I did think of a job I would enjoy and which would bring in a LOT of money for only one night of work per week.  I sent an inquiry letter to the HBIC this morning and I will give her about a week to offer me the job before I call.

I am very excited about going to work all of a sudden!

2:27:16 project runway

I sound so smart and businessy here!

17 thoughts on “The Perfect Job

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    “A flower, a heart, a smiling guy…so many ways to dot the ‘I’!” I love your signature, Lah Lee. I just wish I had an “I” in my name, so I could put a smiling face instead of a dot, just like you do!

    Speaking of fashion jobs, have you thought of applying at Ross Dress for Less? Your so talented you could make a mall into Milan!


  2. WhoStillShopsAtLululemon

    Lah Lee, you would be AMAZE on The Project Runaway Show, as I’m sure you already know. What I worry is that they are really going to make you fight for your right full place on The Project Runaway Show. Heidi knows that you will instantly outshine her, so she will probably throw your letter in the garbage. But, Lah Lee, this is your DESTINY. As last week’s blog posts so amply demonstrate, you can spin gold out of Lane Bryant straw (but darling, why constantly tire yourself out, just buy more couture. Surely Röbert has his social security number lying around. He’s so busy being an absentee husband and father, he would probably welcome it if you helped him out by applying for more lines of credit on his behalf and in his name)

    Anyway, you simply are going to have to fight to be on The Project Runaway Show. But you must STOP AT NOTHING until they realize you were made for the show.


  3. Furmama

    This idea is perfect for you! But it’s unbelievable how selfish Roebert is being. He could make more money if he really tried.


  4. Angela Talangelo

    I feel like you need an in-road, leg-up, toe-in-the-pool appearance ahead of your hi-fashion-celebrity-reality-tv-show-hostessing…. Have you considered Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil?


  5. Jumped the Sheep

    How amazing would it be for you to get your OWN reality television show? I can’t believe you haven’t had networks battering at your door after you were shot because “Famous Blogger Survives Assassination Attempt” is such a major, major story!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      It sounds liuke a lot of work though, ya know? I would like to be a part of an ensemble in the sense of “I just love Project Runway, but Lah Lee is really such a standout. She brings gravitas and joy to the judging process.”



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