What I Wore February 26

Today was a day for packing my kiddos up for a weekend with their Daddy, and worshipping the goddess at a yoga marathon at my gym.  I needed to look amazing.

2:25:16 hunters2

Oooops, I did it again.  Hot!

The scarf is a tablecloth I received as a wedding gift, the dress is something I’ve had since high school, the vest is Merlin’s baby blanket and the boots are from Old Navy.  I just cut the Hunter logo from a pair of Fat Alice’s boots last year and glued them on.  Magic!  Fat children don’t care about designer boots anyway.

29 thoughts on “What I Wore February 26

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    I would love it if you would do a capsule wardrobe post using the tea towel, gym uniform, tablecloth and flayed stuffed animal. Just all the wonderful things you have around your house.

    I love this photo of you and your new look. I’m pretty sure I saw you in WalMart the other day. Or maybe it was on that blog that shows all the funny shoppers there.


  2. EPM

    I am DYING to know what you used for your belt! Is it one of hummus’ baby suspenders? A piece of liquorice? Beefeaters collar?
    I have been recreating all of your outfits and since you didn’t mention the belt, my outfit kept flying off. Don’t keep me in suspense!



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