What I Wore February 25

Today I just went to the gym a few of times and hung with my gal pals, so I wanted to bring the sassy back.

2:25:16 fur

Fun Lah Lee is fun.

Prada boots, Hue tights, Soffe black shorts, rolled twice at the waist, clutch from that guy who always shows up near the train station, sweater by Target with a pelt from one of Hummus’s stuffed animals (Foxy Fox) quickly stitched on as a collar.  Stunning!

22 thoughts on “What I Wore February 25

  1. PSL Mama

    LaLEE! On other fashion blogs, they link to the item and use a third party to earn commission. You should totally do that! That way you can make $$$$ blogging. More $ for vodka, pills, clothes and travel! And Robbie would never need to know of your additional income.


  2. taffy550

    I thought this was a mommy blog about your life with three children. Speaking of children, you haven’t posted anything in a long time about your littles. You didn’t lose custody now did you? You have to have custody to get a child support order.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Right now he is upstairs in his sweet little bed dreaming darling dreams. Most days he gets to spend at an adorable preschool or with his mommy. Just because you are a crazy fangirl doesn’t mean you get to demand photos of my beloved littles. I share what I am comfortable sharing.


  3. afriendinneedindeed

    Lah Lee, did you break your right ankle? Otherwise, why is your ankle all discombobulated? Those boots look terrible! There is a big piece missing. You should contact Prada and get a refund. Their quality control is obviously suffering.



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