What I Wore February 23

Today I needed an outfit for grocery shopping and taking the dog to the vet.

2:22:16 fashun

I could have dropped a diamond and I would have just left it on the floor in this lil’ number. No bending over for Lah Lee today.

The hat was from Grandmama’s collection of old lady hats.  Starling borrowed it from her a few years ago, and today just seemed like a mothball scented hat day. The dress is actually a smock from my hairdresser’s.  They always give me giant glasses of wine and I must have wandered out in this by mistake one day.  LOL!

16 thoughts on “What I Wore February 23

  1. Amber Portwood

    Did you get your lashes done? Something looks different about you. Maybe it’s all of that dead weight you recently dropped. You go girl.


  2. taffy550

    Oh, Lay Lay with all the prescription pain meds you are on, make sure to put some underpants on. Don’t need to pull a Briteny, unless that is what you’re aiming for, of course.


    1. MaybeNextWeek

      A cursory inspection of your eyes in recent posts does show some indication that you have indeed availed yourself of multiple sources and modalities of pain control. It takes a certain
      level of multitasking ability to manage a challenging situation such as yours.


  3. Angela Talangelo

    Dear baby Jesus, laying in a manger. There are no words… Will somebody please call Celebrity Intervention? Gidget the Flying Nun here needs cash. Stat.



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