What I Wore February 22

I am a single mom on a tight budget, but I manage to look great every day.  I work out despite the pain of the injury I recently sustained from a bullet to my ass while I did yoga.  My husband insulted me every day with his inability to to be a tech founder, but I just smile, smile, smile, and you should too.

2:21:16 wIW

I threw on this lil’ number for a quick trip to pose in front of an office building, then a meeting at school.

The bag I bought from a very shady looking man last time I was in the city.

The  ruffle collared blouse is from Starling’s closet, maybe it is Bonpoint?

The sweater is from Ross Dress for Less.

The jacket is something I bought last year at Nieman’s and got into a lot of trouble about later.

The bicycle shorts are from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The leggings are fleece lined and from Kohls.  Look how skinny my legs are!

16 thoughts on “What I Wore February 22

  1. Angela Talangelo

    Ew, um… no. I thought you were going Kardashian, not Duggar. Socialites re-invent their Image…. Amish re-invent the Wheel. Have you taken up whittling, too? Call a mulligan and try again!


      1. Cindy McCain

        Angela, I think you’re on to something. Lah Lee your legs are about as skinny as telephone poles. It looks like you’ve traded in the vodka tonics for White Russians with actual cream. Honey. You need help.


  2. afriendinneedindeed

    Wow, amazing thigh gap. You are my thinspiration!
    I never understand the big deal with borrowing something from a high end store. You are so honest, I know you were planning on bringing it back after you wore it one time (tags intact I’m sure).


  3. 12thFetus4Jesus

    You do look thin! Remember that Ross Dress For Less has a food section, in case you need a lil something to eat while you scrounge the aisles looking for something decent. The battered boxes of tea cookies from England still taste pretty yummy and it just does the other shoppers a favor if you eat the broken ones on top so the rest of the package looks new.

    You really rock the discount stores. Polyester is such a good choice, especially if your dryer brakes and you need to hang all your stuff up to dry. And i like the big diaper bag you carry for Hummus. Swoon!


      1. 12thFetus4Jesus

        The British biscuits are made of metric, which everyone knows is a 10th of an American calorie. They won’t make you fat, especially if you get fancy and call them biscuits instead of cookies.


  4. Rose Lens

    Are you letting your hair grow out, I see some waves peeking out of the back. If so please give us back of the head hair updates. Im sure your fans would love to watch your locks grow out!


  5. sunsetsandtrees

    Ross Dress for Less? Kohl’s? What happened to Robbie’s credit card? Surely it can’t be maxed out yet. Barney’s should be good for a sale right about now.


  6. Annie

    Start following some of the refashion blogs. They take cheap thrift store finds and create amazing clothes that look VERY high end.


  7. NotaCatLa

    Shorts over tights? How high were your heels? If less than 5 inches, complete ewwwwww. Seriously, if you have good shoes and a good purse, you can wear crap and no one will know. I hope you have an LV purse or two or at least a decent Gucci. And no Jessica Simpson or Steve Madden shoes.



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