It is hard for me to even process what Renata told me about Ty the other day.  He is a broken man right now, and it is very, very sad.

5:31 happy couple

The cute couple!

Renata and Ty met through some mutual friends about a year ago and she says it was love at first sight.  They are both very athletic and very religious and she could see how driven he was and how much he loved his work.  She said he always spoke about Merlin and what a bright, funny kid he is.  He is so much like me!

It was a whirlwind romance and she now believes they got engaged probably too soon after they met, but they were crazy about each other.  When he was scheduled to take Merlin to an event in the state capitol last year he asked her to stay in his home and watch his dog while he was away.  She was excited to do it because he had been carefully fixing up the little bungalow he had bought in town and it was just beautiful.  She invited a few girlfriends over for dinner one night while she was there so she could show off the home she would be moving into after they got married.

Within hours of her arriving his dog disappeared.  She looked and looked, but Dementor was gone.  She finally had to call Ty and tell him, and he was sweet and forgiving, but she could tell he was upset.  While she was out looking for the dog someone broke into the house (she might have left the doors unlocked) and jammed the toilets with paper towels, then flushed them repeatedly.  Such a random, cruel act!

She was despondent about the dog, but she had invited her friends over so she made a nice dinner for them and tried to unplug the toilets.  She has no idea who posted PARTY!!! flyers all over the campus at the university, but drunk kids started arriving early and they brought kegs.  She tried to get them to leave.  Because the toilets were jammed they defecated everywhere.  At the end of the night the police had been there four times, she had a three citations and the house was destroyed.

7:20:15 trashed

Ty’s beautiful yard!

After that,Ty was a changed man.  She tried to make it work, but he was broken and angry. He had occasionally smoked a little with friends, but he began smoking weed every day.  She said he would lie around on the couch playing video games and getting stoned.  He couldn’t make himself fix the house up again and even lost interest in teaching.

She tried to hang in there, but finally broke up with him.  She called his parents because she was so worried about him.

He eventually moved back in with his family.  They have been trying to help him, and when he left his job last fall it was to enter inpatient therapy.  He just can’t seem to get it together.

2:16 Ty

Happier times, with his lil’ buddy.

The shooting was just one in a series of bad decisions he has made.  I didn’t believe it was him, but I guess it really “wasn’t” the Ty I knew.

Since the shooting he has been doing some court ordered therapy and trying to make better decisions.  Renata spoke to him last week and he has enrolled in a training program to work at wilderness camps for troubled teens.  He will be wonderful at that!  His brother has moved in his house and is starting to fix it up for him.  Hopefully Ty will be back to his wonderful self soon.  I miss him, and I know he must miss me too.

5:22 fireworks

Besties 4 life!

10 thoughts on “Ty

  1. Cindy McCain

    Just pray for him, my dear. His weak mind couldn’t handle the challenges of life. Clearly he wasn’t THAT religious or nothing bad would have happened to him. He would be a dangerous friend and probably set you on the path to the double-hockeysticks place if you know what I mean. Much better to keep yourself pure and not stoop to hang around with weak sinners with no future.


  2. HotWifeSuperMom

    Lah Lee, do you think you will be brave enough to attend Ty’s trial for shooting you in the ass? I know it will be difficult to face your attacker, but it might be a great time for you to reconnect with the Ty you used to know (not to mention, a great excuse to buy a new outfit).


  3. Pesky Boys

    Lab Lee, I know you are so amazingly busy with self-care and taking photos and exercising and driving the kids to childcare (whew, even typing all that out is exhausting!), but do you think you could rename your blog now that you’ve left Robert? Something like “Breathing Authentically” – to show that this is about YOU, not a husband or those short people who sometimes are in your house.



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