Home Again

I must say, I was surprised at how poorly Röbert took the news that I would like a trial separation.  Obviously, I expected him to be upset by my text, but I didn’t think he would leave so many voice mails using some very spicy language!  I couldn’t even listen to them. I had to call his mother and ask her to drop the children off because clearly her son is overwhelmed with grief right now.

There was snow again this morning and school was closed, but I was able to get Hummus and Merlin over to All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool, where I knew Miss Sherrilyn would be happy to put Merlin to work on one of the projects around the compound.  I could tell Starling was upset about something and I wanted to give her the opportunity to tell me what it was.

This afternoon, after we made fun of weak people who eat lunch, she asked me what a word means.  Apparently there is a new little girl at school who called Starling “emaciated”.  When I told her that it meant extremely slender she was so relieved!  We decided to do some extra exercise to celebrate.

2:15:16 starling

No wonder her nickname is “Starving”.  She looks amazing!

8 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Cindy McCain

    Way to go, Momma! You can almost see right through her! Looking sharp, Sterling!

    Aww did Bobsers have a little breakdown, how cute when grown men get all tantrumy. Adorbs! Maybe you can have a lawyer draw you up some teeny little spousal support papers and you can stick a pen in his hand while he’s flailing around and get him to sign them all right quick!


  2. Big Fan

    Staving is so gorgeous, you must be really proud of her! A real ‘chip off the old block’!
    Not that you are old of course, sometimes I can’t believe you have such big grown up kids! I bet people usually think you are sisters, don’t they?


  3. EastCoastGal

    Now that you are single, maybe you and Karen and someone else can start a lifestyle blog. The gals at Nonsociety did it first ever in the world, but I hear their URL is now available! It could be a lil’ bit of fun!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I think I will stick to just one blog at a time, though I plan to do a few things differently in the future. My life is still so enviable and I know everyone will love to read all about it.


      1. EastCoastGal

        It is probably not best to follow the lead of the Nonsociety gals. They got there first with their lil’ blog, and they were the best ever and true pioneers.Why try to top them? You can’t. No one can.

        I miss Danish Mary.


  4. Betty Botter

    Oh dear. That little girl must be so jealous of Starling. Being such a nerd to even know a word like emaisiated she’d have no idea of the effort it takes to be so thin and beautiful.



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